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BOOK READERS? Entertainment

Are there any book lovers here?! looking for some book recommendations. Preferably historical fiction and psychological thriller. thank you ❤️!

Dec 1, 11:46 PM

Shiru har yanzu babu motsi a wannan lamari. ohh ni Indo. Ni list din da suka fito ma in aika ma request is not updating. Tun ranan farko same people ne. Babu hope gaskia.

Dec 1, 06:10 PM
shin musulunchi ya yarda mace ta dinga modeling Religion

wai musulunchi ya yarda matan aure mace ta dinga modeling tana bayyana jikinka da kayan modeling ko kuma ta dinga tallace tallace ma'ana ta dinga tallata kayan sai dawa a jikinta

Dec 1, 12:34 AM
i'm contemplating on matchmaking Relationship

advice to match making on arewa app, Anyone had a good relationship that will lead to marriage here. I want to try the matchmaking but I'm skeptical because online things don't always work. should I keep an open mind, I haven't dated anyone in a long time. maybe that's why but please advise

Nov 30, 06:40 PM
I need a word my mind is going thought alot,wlhy azim ji nake kamar insha poison Secrets

Assalamu alaikum. good morning everyone, in cikin wani hali I need your help please jama'a ana bina bashi almost 150k😭💔 koma sai kirana sukeyi suce wlh in bah basu kudin su ba zasu Kai ni police station gobe koma wlh bandasu😭 amma akwa wani alhaji wanda kasona so I tell him yace ze tamaka min amma sai muje hotel kuma wlh banason na bata future Dina koma gashi business ina Yatsaya ataimaka min bansan yadda zanyi da rayuwata ba am in pain i can’t explain what am going through tunda safe nake ta tunani ko Nayi accepting din alhajin nan amma banson in bata rayuwata wlh.😭 I need a word my mind is going though alot,am feeling lonely kamar na sha poison wlhy azim rayuwa nake but am not feeling it ko kada wlh. Please someone should tell me what to do😭🙏🏼🙏🏼

Nov 30, 09:59 AM
i need assistant pleace Matchmaker

assalamu alaikum barka d safiya Dan allah ina neman taimakone akan app dina na marchmaker nayi register a basic ne inada friends guda hudu yanzu haka sanann akwai wanda nayi cancel nayi blocking dinsu but haryanzu slot din is 8/2 please I need help yayi zanyi nayi cancelled n 4din

Nov 30, 09:50 AM
Being a hausa and muslim lesbian Relationship

I have always been fascinated by women and breasts as a child. I would also only watch lesbian p*rn from when I was like 14. kawai it was what I found appealing. I didn't really think much of it because I would have crush on some guys in school and all that. At some point I was ashamed that I thought of girls like that and just being around homophobic people made me to close off that part of myself. The past year, I've really come to terms with my sexuality and realised that Ina son mata. so because of this and Muslims judging and just straight up insulting gays, I have drifted away from Allah and Islam. kodama my iman wasn't great. now im just tired of faking it and just hiding myself my real self. I want to scream at the top of my lungs that I love women. I want to be with a woman and love her and make her my wife. I haven't been praying or fasting or just doing any thing im supposed to as a Muslim all because I feel im nor accepted. like Allah created me and made me like this so there's no way you can tell me that he doesn't love me the way I am. I have recently realised that religion is how you perceive it. and Islam is a guide for me and it gives me freedom. I want to unlearn everything I have learned about Islam and start again. I hope I will love this religion again. I want to start praying again hopefully. I know the comments are gonna be full of ppl being homophobic like come up w something else. I'm not gonna allow you to make me hate myself for liking women. I just am sharing this because I know there's a girl somewhere that feels like this that can relate to all these. I haven't seen any Hausa lesbian expressing her struggles so why not I be the representation we need.

Nov 29, 05:24 PM
Please advice me. I'm tired of my house General

My neighbors hates me and my family,akwai lokacin da dannau ya danneni my baby of5months lokacin yanata kuka ni bansan inda hankali na yake ba,these people ba wacce ta shigo ta duba taji ko lfy more than 30mins jariri na kuka kuma ba'aji motsin uwarshi ba ai ansan ba qalau,sai wata matace tazo wucewa ta window na ta waje taji kukan baby,har taje wajenda zataje tadawo amma bata daina jin kukanba,shine ta shigo tayi magana ni bana hayyacina... Dayar neighbor haka kawai saita fara malice dani da yarana ko nayi mata magana taqi amsawa,kuma bansan menayi mata ba Dayar kuma idan taganni ko mijina taita waqe waqe,rannan yaronta yaga mijina yace oyoyo baba,budar bakinta wai ,babanka yana kasuwa. Idan ta hango girkin danakeyi gobe saitayi kalarshi,idan ina wanki itama saita kwaso ta farayi duk don kada insamu wajen shanya.idan abu yafaru a makwabta bazasu fadamin ba saidai suje su kadai bandani, narasa yadda zanyi.gabadaya gidan ya isheni,kullum ina cikin daki nida yarana. Bamuda halin kama haya a wani gidan a halin yanzu.ko shara nayi a tsakar gidan saboda a tsaftace waje,cewa sukeyi wai nacika iyayi.. Damuwa sunyimin yawa banaso depression ya kamani damuwa sunmin yawa 😫😫😫

Nov 29, 04:27 PM
My Star Relationship

I want to say something regarding some post da na ga wani guy yayi about being afraid to fall in love again, after some encounter with a girl. I want to tell a story about myself, I'm actually the villain of the story. Some years ago I met with a person, my course mate and reading mate at same time. We started the journey as friends, he was playing the role of a brother to me, trying to always protect me here and there. At the very start I noticed something about it, it wasn't just a friendship but love. Yana sona without him even noticing, all our class members and the whole univers noticed that too except him, I tried all means to stopped that from happening but to no avail, it was too late then. It took him almost a decade to propose to me, and I said no coz I'm this type of complicated person with a hollow heart. People are always confused about me, coz I can be a whole person now and a broken one later, I can be a happy girl now and a sad girl later. So most of them classify me as a weird person, for all I know is I'm very emotional, I mostly write out of emotions, Including this too. That rejection affected his Academia. Despite that, he didn't gave up on me, and we continued as we used to be. One of the Memories I cherished was walking back to the hostel under the moon, pointing at some bright star to him as mine, with the warm scent from his jacket on me. He didn't mind having all the cold to himself so as far zai fahimci ina jin sanyi sai dai naga ya miqa min jacket dinshi duk da I always wore my hijjab. One thing is for sure, he is very Caring, Honest, Gentle, Handsome, Smart, Intelligent, Religious, Kind and a hustler. The type I've always pray and crave to have. To be sincere, na dade banga Mutum mai zuciyar nema kamar shi ba, he took care of his Mom very well that some times makes me envy him, coz I always wish to have a mother. And of my dreams was becoming his Mama's little princess, coz that woman loved me Unconditionally tun kafin ma ya fada mata yana so na. For that yayi winning and for the second time I accepted his proposal. Mind you, he wasn't following me up and down to accept him, rather he gave me some space that I deserved to figure it out ko ina son shi ko bana son shi. And we started as Flower girl and Star, he is this kind of a person that makes a girl feel special, he comments on things as little as my smile, he puts some note stickers at the back of my books, saying all that will put a smile on my face, he specially like Lalle and whenever I did it, he goes on without the intention to stop soon. On weekends ko time din da stress din lectures ba yawa we go for walks and sit out to talk. My favorite thing is walking under the courtesy of the stars, so ya san abinda nake so, we can walk silently without saying a word, just appreciating the nature. By Allah, he is the most charismatic and gentle person i have ever met, and i love that particularly about him. We had so many things in common, a simple life. Of course he didn't love me because I'm cute, rich or funny, he Loves me because he found some reasons to do so. Although I'm at times simple but I can be so dramatic at times. Problems started to arise a week after we had an agreement that his uncles will come for introduction, then I started misbehaving, rejecting\not picking his calls, no replies to his messages and all. Although it was my normal habit when ever someone proposed or I'm in relationship, but I never expected that to occur with him too, coz I undoubtedly love him. There was a night I couldn't forget, the night of parting ways I called it, that night he called and luckily for him and unluckily for me I picked. He's a straight forward person, and he goes like this "be honest and tell me the truth, do you truly want to be with me or kina saka ni a cikin jerin 'yan Allah ka zaba min mafi alkhairi ne"? I couldn't really recall as to whether I was in my right senses then, but I could remember myself uttering "yes, you're among" and what he said was curt and simple "I wish you all the best, ina fatan Allah ya hada mu da alkhairi". Without letting me continue, he hang up the call, so I decided to heed to WhatsApp for some explanations. There I goes starting with "I have some confession to make, this my very nick name that you like so much is attached to someone's name, the person I supposedly marry some times back. And I dunno why at some point in time I still can't get over him despite him being married. More so, you knew the case of that person I told you about that my brothers didn't consider till date and that none of em ever mentioned marriage to me. I'm afraid to hurt you later, so is better I set you free now. I'm just confused as to whether I really love you or I was using you for my insecurities. I'm so sorry, I don't know where to start... The discussion continues". He reply to me with some words I never wished he used, coz only if he had accepted me then I knew I would eventually love him beyond comprehension. I'm the type that love without limit, once I love, it will be entirely including my soul. So he wrote " I can't be with someone whose heart is with someone else, someone who's obsessed with a married man" he wrote some other things, and mentioned right there that he will get rid of everything that belong to me or consist of me, all that will make him remember me. I didn't blame him of course, but one thing I believed then, that no body understands me and no body will ever does, and I was immensely hurt to not be understood by him. So I set him free, free from my shackles. Coz he deserve some one better, some one kind. Almost everyone blame me for everything, my family does, some friends says I have high taste, people say things, well dama no matter how good kake people must talk balle kuma akan unkind person like me, is a most. Yes, I'm at fault and accept the fact that bana kyautawa, the people I rejected are uncountable. I mostly prefer being alone, some times kuma naji ni lonely, I myself couldn't really define myself dama sanin Bawa sai Mahaliccin sa. But at some point, I do have some family issues, and spiritual issues also with some insecurities, although banaso na daura laifin akan cewa it was due to any of the things above. So it is just me, and my hollow heart. The guy I mentioned from above whom I claimed to have loved back then and bear a nick name that has his name from sec. school till eternity is my cousin, there was a time a was stupid enough to fall in love just because an ce za'a hada mu aure. Then I felt he was Miskilin mutum, and getting to know him says the opposite, and my tender heart got carried away. Unfortunately, I don't really knew what happen then aka fasa maganar, duk da dama chan ba wai maganar ta zauna bane. So it was one sided love, he's not aware I was I love with him. Maganar gaskiaya naso shi a bayyane da duk Wanda ya zauna Dani sai yafahim ci haka, But Alhamdulillah Allah ya yaye min. And I'm happy for him shi da family dinshi, I hope to get mine too some day. The other one I mentioned that my brothers didn't approved of was some guy that proposed and really wanted to marry me then. Although I didn't reciprocate his love, I respect him, a very religious and kind person he was, he truly loved me duk da dai masanin gaibu sai Allah, but I trusted him and wanted to try hard to put him in my heart. People do tell me a lot that I'm the one making it hard on myself, that I'm the one refusing to open my heart, I didn't totally agree with what they say but I wanted to try their theory. And so I told my family about him, it is almost 4yrs now and nobody among my brothers ever mentioned to me about why they rejected him. They actually went there one day and checked about him, it is actually funny to me how can people go find about some one in just a day. Later on my aunt told me that her husband mentioned to her he was a fraud, that he lied about his background and education. I was so mad at the guy at the moment but daga baya anyi min bincike kuma ba haka abin yake ba, and basu information din wani ne da suke da name daya, da sunan gidan ma kusan daya. Haka yayi ta jira na for almost two years kafin a gidan su aka matsa mishi akan dole yayi aure. Abinda dai na fahimta shine they don't really want me get married at the time, coz ni tunda nake dasu no one among them ever mentioned marriage to me, or ever asked me if I have someone I'm interested in, all sort of talks like that babu shi a rayuwata. I don't go kofar gida ko a cikin gida da sunan hira, ko azo wajena, noph ko da wasa ni ba'a taba tambayata ba ma ko kinada saurayi. And that have become part of me, maybe ma shiyasa heart dina yazama hollow. I'm not blaming my brothers, that is the least i can ever do coz they play two roles in my life, being brothers and parents to me, they tried on me, took care of me and help me become what I'm today. And I know they want the best for me, kuma komai lokaci ne, once it is time I either die without being married or die as a married person. What made me send my Star away was those reasons above, although I was somehow selfish then, I could have let it be and see what will happen, I could have not cared much about the future. I some times ask myself, was I really afraid to hurt him or to hurt myself? Nevertheless, the deed has been done. I believe no any person will have something that doesn't belong to him. We weren't destined to be together. And I honestly feel guilty not for most of em but specially for him, coz I let him involved the elders. Here I'm saying sorry, I know it won't change the damage I have done to you, But I pray you find the happiness you deserve, find someone to help you amend your broken soul, find someone better. I wasn't anything near good, so I wish you find someone near to perfection. To the guys whose hearts we broke, I apologize in behalf of the rest, May Allah heel you and provide you with something better. Just know that there a lot of kind girls out there, having encounter with girls like us doesn't define the rest. Don't shut yourselves from love, as Rumi said "Love is the water of life, Without the sweet life of love living is a burden". And to those girls facing some physically, emotional, spiritual and whatever kind of challenges, May Allah gives you peace of mind and Solve all your problems. I'm not in a position to advice anyone, despite that I will still say do please pray and consult some of your elders before taking decision. Most at times bama Neman shawara kafin mu aikata wani abu, sai kuma ya faru muzo muna cizon yatsa.

Nov 29, 12:30 AM
just advice me pls dont insult me🙏🙏😭 Advice

naga wani bawan Allah da matansa ta rasu on 07/09/2022 Ina tayasa adduan Allah ya jikan matansa Allah yasa ta huta allah ubangiji ya fadada mata kabarinta Allah ya bashi hakurin rashinta 😭 Amma I have something to say bawan Allah shin Idan ka samu mata zaka iya aure yanzu 😢😭 dan Allah Banda zagi I have something in mind ne kawai. shin zai iya aure yanzu?

Nov 29, 12:08 AM
bauchi peeps Lifestyle

please is there anyone here from bauchi state ? here hoping am not the only bauchi girl here😁.

Nov 28, 08:43 PM
my boyfriend suddenly changed, advice me please 😭 Relationship

Please if possible i want to share my personal issue but please hide my ID i will be in the comment section please help me with that🙏 Almost 3 months kenan dana hadu da wani guy ya nuna yana sona nd nae accepting munyi soyayya sosae a farko but time goes on sae na fara ganin change a tare dashi he don’t use to care like yanda yake yi a farko always and he don’t use to call or chatt, sometimes sae muyi 2days mah bamu chatt bah or call rannan just na kirashi but banyi mae complain bah akan baya kirana or chatt bayan mun gaesa yake cemin plxx nayi hakuri karna ga baya kirana yanxu ba laefin shi bane sbd krt neh though nasan yasha nuna min krtn shi yana da muhimmanci nd yana bawa krtn shi lkc ss so ya bani hkr yace bawae baya sonah bane plx karna dauka haka. Nima sae na nuna mae bakomae but duk da haka bae canxa bah bah call bah chatt what i didn’t understand shine nobody is too busy for the luv of his life thou I’m really confused yana soyayya neh da wata neh ynx or ya dena sona neh that’s why he don’t use to care like yanda yake a baya or what??? And shima ya sani time dinda muke soyayya na nuna mae love,care,respect nd so on… cox shima ya nuna min hakan nd ya nuna min shi aure nah xae yi nima na yarda shi nake so xan aure cox yana da good character but ynx ya fara canxa min tunani nah cox i can’t marry mutumin daya dena sonah no matter how yanda nake son shi xan hakura idan har na fara ganin alamar like ya dena sonah. Ni ynx bnsn a wane matsayi nake a xuciyarshi plxxxx post kuna ganin nae ignoring dinshi or na kyaleshi mu cgb da syyr a haka 😭😭? I’ll be in the comment section hide my id plx I’m in so much pain cox when i say i love you wlh i mean it with all my heart 😭😭💔 nd baya garin nan ya taki krt

Nov 28, 08:14 PM
why do men like to avoid Single Moms as partners? Relationship

why is it so difficult for a single mom to find a life partner? are we not human? it breaks my heart when i see men runaway from the relationship or break the lady's heart once you tell them you a single mom

Nov 28, 05:31 AM
orphans in the house how are u all coping wit family or Frnds or good job ? Health

Asalamu Alaikum warahamatullah good evening all .. hhmmmm I need some words of encouragement before I go crazy 1. house expired + no money to renew 2. feeding no food 3. toiletries.. as an adult no toiletries( for dat infection no means to treat it hmm.) 4. know friends to share my pains wit 5. know job + business hmmm I'm tired ooo , I want scream, shout , cry , I'm tired . my mental health is at stake pls I need someone to talk to oo ha 😂 pray for me pray for me please Allahu akbar 🥹.

Nov 27, 08:39 PM
i need a very good Malam , not the one that use Jinni please Religion

Asalamu Alaikum warahamatullah. please house I'm in need of a good Islamic Malam contact, i hv some questions to ask him.. + the one that understood English as I'm not so good in Hausa language.

Nov 26, 03:30 PM

Ya hayyu ya qayyum dan Alfarmar sunayan ka 99 dan sirrikan da suke cikin su wanda ka sanar mana da wanda ka barwa kanka sani dan siffofin ka madaukaka ya Azza wajal ka zaba mana abokanan rayuwa nagari wadan zasu so mu su kaunace mu ayadda ka halicce mu ya Allah🥺 wadan da zasu ririta mu su tattalamu su girmamu su mutuntamu su kula damu kamar ransu ya Allah wadan da hausawa muke musu laqabi da MIJIN MARAINIYA,MIJI NAGARI ya Allah wanda zamu masa biyayya mu zamu mataye sanyin idaniya kuma abun Alfahari agaresu wanda in sun kallemu xasu murmushi a fili ko a boye su gode maka bisa niimar da ka musu a mastayin samun mace tagari ya Allah a ka kaimu cikin dngin miji nagari iyayen sa yan uwansa da abokanan sa wadan da zasu somu da zuciya daya🥺🙏 muma mu so su ya Allah aduk gari ko unguwar da ka kaddara zamuyi rayuwar Aure acikin ta Allah ka hada mu da makota nagari wadan da zamu hade kai mu zamo tsintsiya madaurin ki daya..ya Allah in munyi Auren kasa kwanciyar hankali farin ciki wadatr zuciya hakuri da juriya fahimtar juna yiwa juna uzuri uwa uba so da kauna su jagoranci rayuwar auran mu kasa in mun shiga mun shiga knn ba yaji ba saki sai dai mutuwa ta raba ya Allah🙏 Allah kaine mai yanzu yanzu kaine mai kun fa yakun ita kanta kasan cewar amincewar ka take nema ta kasan ce Allah kayi ikon ka akan mu ....Ana ganin Maza je nagari kamar sun kare ya Allah ka karyata tunanin da hasahsen mutane akan mu duk nisan inda miji nagari yake Allah ka hada mu da su muma kasa mu kasan ce nagari agare su ba cuta ba cutarwa wanda baze iya fushin minti 5 dani ba😅🙈🥺🙏 ya Allah in a kaddadarar mu akwai zama da kishiya ka hada mu da tagari in mune uwar gda kasa mu zamu uwar gda tagari mu baza sarautar mu cikin aminci da lumanar ka in kuma mune Amaren 😅 Allah kasa mu zama amare na gari Allah ka mana katangar karfe da hassada......Ameeeeen ya hayyu ya kayyum Allah ka bayyana min dan Aljannah na🙈♥️🥺 duk nisan inda yake ka hadamu dashi nan bada dadewa ba. DEDICATED TO ALL SINGLE LADY HERE♥️ I LUV YOU.DAN ALJANNAR KI NA NAN TAFE BI IZINILLAH ACIGABA DA ADDUA DA HAKURI AJI AKI JI AGANI AKI GANI😅🙏 BISSALAM

Nov 26, 03:13 PM
Matching and Prospecting counsel Relationship

Hi all. I am a prospect in the match up forum and just want to share especially to the ladies on the actuality of relationship in today's world as it to relate to courtship between a prospective guy and a lady. I realised that our ladies always want the man to be in a pressing need for the relationship whereas its supposed to be a mutual care. A lady will wake up at night praying for a husband yet a prospective Man would approach her but turn down in disdain or in I don't care mood. The old methodology has changed and a lady should also prepare to work hard to make courtship a success through follow ups in a nice and caring way as before it's far the guy will answer her YES. However I do not mean the lady should be chasing the guy too much and should not have her Minimum standard in quality in the prospecting person but the way our girls handle the men is not too captivating.

Nov 26, 10:46 AM
Do Good Men still Exist ? Lifestyle

I just wonder if good men still exist out there. Men who are not after a girls body, shape or what she has to offer. Men who want nothing but a halal relationship... Do such men still breath... it takes someone with alot of iman not to fall into that trap... what are ladies supposed to do.... no one knows how we feel when all a guy wants is our body .. to take away our innocence and just leave... how do guys live with there self after deceiving a girl n sleeping with her then leave n never contact her again... oh Allah

Nov 26, 10:03 AM

Aslm. Da yawan mu mata kwadayi da jarabar son abun duniya da son ready made husband yake jefa rayuwarmu cikin halaka da wulaqanci da dana sani. Mutumin da kike ganin ya bada 200k as nothing you can also do more than that for yourself. Ban ce ka da ki so wanda yake da rufin asiri ba amma akwai mazan kirki da za ku iya growing tare ku yi building beautiful and peaceful home. Saboda wani samun arziqinsa daga qasa ne fa with so much hardwork and patience. Wani namijin yana buqatar encouraging wife ne mai saurarensa da ce masa baby 'I know you can do it.' I started my business in 2019 even though some of my family members discouraged me a lokacin ba ni da ko sisin fara business. Wallahi harhada kudi na fara business dinnan kamar wasa ranar farko da na yi posting a what's app status dina 7 people ordered my products ba zan taba mantawa ba, shekarar farko na samu ribar more than *00k abun da na ajiye kenan na yi register company na a year din abun sai dai in ce Alhamdulillahi Ya Rabb Ka yi mun komai. Na so yin aure tun kafin na kai 20 years amma Allah bai qaddara mun yinsa ba da wuri, ban zauna haka ba na nemi kudina duk ranar da miji ya zo ina maraba da shi ko mai kudi ko mai nema wanda zamu rufawa juna asiri. Amman da mutuncinki da qimarki ta diya mace ki rinqa qaramin murya a baki kudi mata wallahi muna ragewa kanmu daraja kafinmu shiga gidajenmu. Yes kudi abun so ne ga kowa amma a mahangar hankali abun da kake so tashi kake yi ka nema. Na san kowa hanyar samunsa daban amma you have no idea a ina arziqinki yake riba qarama ko babba alherine daraja ne kuma Ni'imar Allah. Ke baki so ki samu naki kudinne? Ko kin fi so kullum ki cewa namiji bani? Allah Ne fa kadai Mai jure roqo da bayarwa. Allah Ya rufa mana asiri duniya da lahira Ya aurar damu ga mazan kirki ya bamu wadatan zuciya da neman na kan mu.

Nov 25, 09:22 PM
illar zama da uwar miji da take kishi da matan danta😭 Marriage

shin menene raayinku game da uwar miji mai kishin matan danta ko mai mijin yayi sai tayi kishi saboda ba ita aka sayawa ba.

Nov 25, 02:41 PM

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