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Men and there dislike for makeup! Lifestyle

Ladies do love doing makeup especially during occasion but in reality majority of men don't like that makeup. On behalf of men we are saying it out loud!! we don't like makeup especially bridal. If it's really necessary do it light. We just use to pretend and lie to you that you look beautiful but in most cases it is the opposite. BUT WHAT YOUR TAKE ON THIS

Sep 30, 10:12 PM
why do men cheat on loyal ladies Relationship

been dating this guy for four years plus and found out he was cheating wit different ladies I was so shocked bcos I didn't sense it .. we do talk every now nd den .. e calls me always ,, like we literally talk every day not just once .. I kept it to my sef wen I found out about it for a month ,, had sleepless nights nd cried always .. d day I told him about it he said those girls aren't his gf bla bla bla .. nd later on e now said e wants to get married to a nurse mainwhile E knew I wasn't a nurse bfr now I'm a biochemist graduate..

Sep 30, 05:53 PM
i'm back General

hello guys kun jini shiru kwana biyu ko toh gidan kakata aka kaini

Sep 30, 02:30 PM
all my crushes are under 30 Relationship

SLM can someone tell me the reason younger boys are attracted to me I noticed something with me Wlhi most of the guys that like me are under 30 yaran da koh sana'ar kirki basudashi bale aiki ..but Wlhi they found me attracted duk samarina yarana..even though nasan sungirmeni but me I prefer matured guys saboda tsaro I don't want to do relationship that will not lead to marriage nafison if am dating u I should see my future in u.. amma unfortunately duk samarina yarane..kuma wlhi bawai inasakemusu bane suke zuwa..I don't know koh maybe bcos am slim and have a very young face that ppl hardly blv my age.. what could be d reasons pls

Sep 30, 06:26 AM
Mijina kullun yana so muyi mu'amalar aure, need advice General

Aslm Jamaa ya gaji da mutanei Karan mijina na kawo muku ku bani shawara...munyi aure just 10mnt to gaskiya munyi da mijina banson in dauki chiki yanzun saboda ina mkrnt na kusa gamawa though ya fahimci nei anma ya hanani focus a karatu kullun XX ba safe ba rana ba dare ko ya tafi office kwai sai inganshi ya dawo wai yana bukata na ina lectures kwai sai kirani in dawo gida ya dawo yana bukatana 😭body no be firewood😭Jamaa lfy shi klau kuwa?ni kuma ba yanda na iya dole inzo saboda kada ya nema matan banza a waje😭ku dubamin plssss

Sep 30, 12:37 AM
Am bore need someone to talk to Advice


Sep 29, 06:48 PM
I need help Health

I missed my period 20 days late, had my have period on the 9th of last month I don't what the problem, am not married and I did not had sex with anyone for people that will suggest PT, thank u

Sep 29, 02:37 PM
senior man Just stayed Single 😎 General

dear Boys

Sep 29, 01:50 PM
A heart breaking story of mine Relationship

What happened to me is i've been with this guy for almost two years malama like i've never loved a guy kaman yadda na soshi idan yanajin yunwa malama nineh I'll make small chops for him, idan baida lfy come and yadda zan zama very worried wallah malama it's not like wai Dan ina tsoron rasa shi or something like that....Allah it's just that i love him fisabilillah and to be honest I've everything a man needs in a lady a well doing human being, i know i'm not perfect but i'm one of the nicest girls he will ever meet, Malama this guy sai muyi month sometimes zaice bbu Kati a wayanshi haka i will recharge my line in kirashi muyita waya duk ban damu bah, idan zaizo wajena malama sometimes zaice motanshi bbu mai and baida transport and he really wants to see me haka zance yazo na biya transport inn na bashi na komawa....I sacrificed alot for this love even though ba wai i'm from a wealthy family bah a'a ni medical student neh ina Dan catering business.What happened was dating another girl har anyi tambaya and suna tare da yarinyan for almost 4 years ni bansani was ranan yazo wajena muna hira and a certain coincidence happen zai nunamin abu a wayanshi so daya bani bayan nagani sai nacigaba da scrolling so sai naga pictures nasu da videos nasu with that is particular lover wallah malama at that time ban zargi komai bah but kawai sai yafara in bashi wayanshi a'a ex nashi ce a'a yar uwarshi sai kawai shakku yashiga raina and nayi ignoring abin when i came home nazauna nayita kuka and i called his friend muka gaisa and i asked Ka gayamin gaskiya Allah yana ganinmu abokin ka yanada wata neh and he said saide kiyi hakuri but tun dama suna tare kafin ku hadu and i said okayI called him nace my hadu and i confronted him nace na riga na sani already so let's be honest Ka gayamin gaskiya and he was like shi he never thought dayace yana sona I'll be honest in the relationship, ya dauka kawai za'ayi soyayya kawai a rabu neh and wlhi shi yanasona kuma badan suna tare da wancan ba babu abinda zai hanashi aure nah and the rest and kinsan maza friends nashi koh tsoron zuciya basuji suna gayamin aii yana sonta sosai yana kashemata kudi this and that while kwandalan Shi ban ci bah shi yaci nawa..I was speechless na kasa magana all my thoughts was i've gotten a life partner Wallahi Bana double dating and with all my thoughts he's the forever for me

Sep 29, 08:33 AM
Is it okay if he checks up on you just once a day? being in a relationship. Advice

Is it ok for a partner (man) to check up on his lady just once a day? I know his a busy type but i feel it's not ok am i over reacting ?

Sep 27, 07:42 PM
What is the disadvantage of dating you??? Relationship

Whenever break up is mentioned people rarely point out what they did to contribute to the collapse of the relationship. As for me ? Sometimes I even forget that I'm in a relationship. Not that I don't care or all that but I seem to have this inbuilt nonchalant attitude. I rarely calls , I rarely make compliments, I rarely sent sweet good morning or good night messages . I don't like over clinginess,I'm a type of person who can have a 20mins conversation for a whole day and still be okay with it.

Sep 26, 06:20 PM
My co wife finally is pregnant and i'm not, i need advice Marriage

Assalamu Alaikum. Please I need help and advice am a married woman that got married last year, Amma mijina yanada mata. Basu taba haihuwa ba mukayi aure. I was here some months back about the issue of I had a delayed period and my husband thought I was pregnant, so I use the advice given and overcome it. Now his wife is pregnant and we live together wallahi kusan kullum shaidan na hanyan zugani na dinga jin haushin ciki I never attempt harming her or the pregnancy but wlhi I don't know why nake kishi sosai da Wani lokacin bana iya boyewa, I also want to be pregnant but I know it will be difficult for me, because I have irregular periods and I have make research about it, it means a woman is not ovulating if she's having an irregular periods and again namijin dare but for that alhamdulillah na dage da azkhar bacci da alola and sleeping with recitation of baqarah so I don't do that one sai mafarkin ruwa kawai. Please I need help and advice wlhi Ina cikin damuwa I also want to be pregnant I know it's just jealousy that's disturbing me but please don't judge me

Sep 25, 09:32 PM
Is it good to show emotions? General

I have always been a person who’s face is always plain, my face doesn’t reflect my mood. When I’m happy, sad, down, moody etc it just doesn’t show on my face, only when I’m angry which I rarely get.

Sep 25, 08:51 PM
I want to get marry but i have "Dog"(in Parable) Marriage

Hello Ladies and Gents, i am 29yrs old Lady. I was born with Breast Poland syndrome(I realized it when my breasts stop growth) I have been in different relationships but Always "Distance" relationships... My parents thought that am doing Yanga(been selective) which is not true because deep down in me, am damn scare😭 to got rejected. Mind you I can't show it to you but you can browse it... In any of my relationships once I told them this who/how I am, SHIKENAN. I really want to come clean for them to understand me. I WANT TO GET MARRY TO INTENTIONAL MAN, THE ONE THAT KNOWS WHAT HE WANT AND KIND. I am not asking too much am I?

Sep 23, 11:11 PM
can heartbreak cause someone to misbehave towards the other gender? Relationship

After heart broken from someone i truly loved. yasa nazama serial womanizer sai naji ko wacce kalar mace is okay for me. Shin Mata ma suna jin haka akan maza in haka tafaru dasu?

Sep 23, 06:21 AM
I feel like its hard for a person to get his spec for marriage!!! Relationship

specification of marriage. It's rare to find someone who meets all of our specifications and who we also meet theirs. It's important to remember that relationships are about mutual compatibility and understanding. When you meet someone who appreciates you for who you are, it's likely that you are also their "spec" in return. It's all about finding that special connection but for real it's only rich people get their spec tho some people doesn't have choice.

Sep 22, 11:26 AM
are women really always satisfied in their marriages Marriage

85 percent of men cannot satisfy their spouse why ?

Sep 22, 12:47 AM
Midnight convo Entertainment

who's awake let's gist

Sep 22, 12:27 AM
in need of dematologis General

Jamaa ku taimaka min Maine maganin enzymes(kesbi)wlh sun fito duk sun bata min jiki ba kyan gani

Sep 19, 10:45 PM

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