• How Nigerian police killed a gentle man in kano.

    TRIBUTE TO MUSAAB It was quiet upset ,horrible and tragic Day For All Indian[...]

  • Child Abuse in Northern Nigeria

    How can we tackle the issue of Child Abuse in Northern Nigeria. Let's discuss

  • Hausa people claim to be from the religion they call peace.

    I have been wondering why the North is full of kidnapping, rapist and insecuriti[...]

  • Mal Ahmad

    Some other views:[...]

  • The kidnap of mal. Ahmad

    Pls who has any idea of the situation of mal.Ahmad as of now.rumours going abou[...]

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  • Secrets

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  • Confession

  • I love older men

    Am 22yrs old n more interested in marrying an older man Wanda age difference din[...]

  • Confession

    aslm,i have something that is troubling me in my intimate life i was married to [...]

  • What was your most embarrassing moment?

    Lets have some fun and share our embarrassing moment stories and cheer. Mine wa[...]

  • Masturbation

    I have a problem that I've been battling with for the past ten Years,I am addict[...]

  • Something very horrible i did in the past

    till this day i still regret and feel ashamed of something i did since during my[...]

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