• How Nigerian police killed a gentle man in kano.

    TRIBUTE TO MUSAAB It was quiet upset ,horrible and tragic Day For All Indian[...]

  • Child Abuse in Northern Nigeria

    How can we tackle the issue of Child Abuse in Northern Nigeria. Let's discuss

  • Hausa people claim to be from the religion they call peace.

    I have been wondering why the North is full of kidnapping, rapist and insecuriti[...]

  • Mal Ahmad

    Some other views:[...]

  • The kidnap of mal. Ahmad

    Pls who has any idea of the situation of mal.Ahmad as of now.rumours going abou[...]

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  • Secrets

  • How can i advice my friend who got pregnant out of wedlock?

    so I have a friend that's pregnant and she just found out and she told me ! she'[...]

  • I am depressed i graduated with a third class degree

    I am depressed wallahi,kullum cikin kuka nake.I was a brilliant student a high s[...]

  • I contacted Genital herpes virus from my ex husband

    Duniyar taimin zafi,I was diagnosed with genital herpes months after our wedding[...]

  • Whats the deepest secret you've kept to Yourself

    What secret have you kept to yourself that you've never told anyone before ?

  • Is there any drug that can suppress these feelings, Dan Allah please 😭👏

    Dan Allah if there's any medicine Either Allura ko kwayoyin da suke Rage Sha'awa[...]

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  • Confession

  • I committed murder and I haven't known peace since then

    My husband was an abusive person in our 5 years of Marriage, until towards the e[...]

  • My Love for Uba Sani (upcoming governor Kaduna State)

    The love I have for Uba sani is undecidable, and it's not that I love him for an[...]

  • I belong to a Gang, we do bad things but i want to stop

    ina neman shawarar ku yan uwa munada wani gang mu 5 duk macen da muka nema kowa [...]

  • Have you moved on from Your Ex?

    why did you broke up with your Ex & have you moved on or you're still left in a dilemma

  • I think my soulmate is in Jannah

    I am in my late 20's and after the relationship's heartbreak 💔 i went through[...]

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