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7 hours ago Matchmaker
shin musulunchi ya yarda mace ta dinga modeling
1 day ago Religion
i'm contemplating on matchmaking
1 day ago Relationship
I need a word my mind is going thought alot,wlhy azim ji nake kamar insha poison
2 days ago Secrets
i need assistant pleace
2 days ago Matchmaker
Being a hausa and muslim lesbian
2 days ago Relationship
Please advice me. I'm tired of my house
2 days ago General
My Star
3 days ago Relationship
just advice me pls dont insult meπŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜­
3 days ago Advice
bauchi peeps
3 days ago Lifestyle
my boyfriend suddenly changed, advice me please 😭
3 days ago Relationship
why do men like to avoid Single Moms as partners?
4 days ago Relationship
orphans in the house how are u all coping wit family or Frnds or good job ?
4 days ago Health
i need a very good Malam , not the one that use Jinni please
5 days ago Religion
5 days ago General
Matching and Prospecting counsel
6 days ago Relationship
Do Good Men still Exist ?
6 days ago Lifestyle
6 days ago General
illar zama da uwar miji da take kishi da matan danta😭
6 days ago Marriage
menene illar auren bazawara???
6 days ago Advice
in need
7 days ago General
marriage and virgin issues.. very important
7 days ago Marriage
Is it good for a girl to tell a boy that she loves him?
7 days ago Relationship
7 days ago General
Help me please
7 days ago Relationship
my inconvenience with match maker
7 days ago Matchmaker
Why are men not interested in Widows?
7 days ago Relationship
8 days ago Matchmaker
Marrying a non virgin
8 days ago General
Beware of giving out your contact.
8 days ago Advice
I am heartbroken, I need advice
8 days ago Relationship
I'm confused πŸ₯Ί should I accept him?
8 days ago Advice
my girlfriend's ordeal with a fraudulent vendor, ina Neman shawaran
8 days ago Advice
relationship & love & and marriage
8 days ago Advice
my encounter with a man on matchmaker
8 days ago Matchmaker
i am traumatized due to domestic violence between my parents
8 days ago General
Everybody is Talking marriage and relationships. who dash me liver. read please
8 days ago General
What brand of washing machine would you recommend I buy?
9 days ago Advice
Relationship Challenges
9 days ago Relationship
Why finding a Virgin (Pure women) is difficult now adays
9 days ago Relationship
Pain πŸ’”πŸ’”
9 days ago Relationship
I need your suggestions please.
9 days ago Advice
I need your advice sisters/brothers in islam.
9 days ago General
what i am facing as a 27yr working person but unmarried
9 days ago Marriage
should I choose my dad's choice in my coming marriage?
10 days ago Advice
mata a yau program
10 days ago General
Allah ka mana katangar karfe da talauchi
10 days ago Advice
Difference Between Matchmaker and MeetUp
10 days ago Meetup
Stigmatization Against Sickle Cell Warriors
11 days ago Relationship


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