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ina bukar taimako da shawara dan allah, porn ya lalata min rayuwa
3 hours ago Lifestyle
please ya ake ibadar nisfu sha'aban? urgent please
16 hours ago Religion
my opinion of love under 30yrs
19 hours ago Relationship
Don't you know we're not reduntants
2 days ago Relationship
Dan Allah ku ban shawara, ban san ya zanyi da shi ba akan aure
2 days ago Relationship
My wish is to marry a uniform man but to no avail till now
3 days ago Entertainment
Just had another breakupšŸ¤§šŸ¤§šŸ¤§
4 days ago Relationship
Whats your plan to make money as ramadan is coming?
4 days ago General
I'm lost, i need someone to talk to
5 days ago Secrets
Marrying Someone Older Than Me
5 days ago Marriage
Is there anyone that wants to get married but doesn't want kids?
6 days ago Marriage
How can i be patient during trying times ?
7 days ago General
9 days ago Relationship
I feel attracted to my step mom, Don Allah kuban shawara banda zagi.
10 days ago Secrets
Dua for Economic Adversity
11 days ago General
what business can i do with 50k as a female?
12 days ago Business
Things you will never understand till you meet your soulmate
13 days ago Relationship
why is it too hard to find true love
13 days ago Relationship
Men, what is your experience regarding your partner going for medical check up.
14 days ago Relationship
i am getting bored, can that lead to depression?
14 days ago Lifestyle


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Dear girls, Relationship
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