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Is it love
17 days ago Relationship
My wife broke my phone screen after checking it. what should i do?
1 month ago Advice
Giving up
1 month ago Matchmaker
Advice to potential suitors on arewaup matchmaking
1 month ago Matchmaker
I need help and advice
1 month ago Advice
So sad
2 months ago Relationship
Marriage is about Happiness
2 months ago Advice
Aure lokacine
2 months ago Advice
2 months ago Matchmaker
Need advice
2 months ago Relationship
Im concerned
2 months ago Advice
Is there a way i can live without women?
2 months ago Advice
2 months ago General
Need your prayers
3 months ago General
Soliciting for prayers
3 months ago Religion


Wane course ne idan mutum yayi ze samu aiki General
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what's bad in delaying marriage? Marriage
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can you marry a raped girl? Marriage
Why it's harder for ladies to get husbands. Advice
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What do ladies mean by "Financial stability" in men?? General