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shakuwa dasaurayi
59 minutes ago Relationship
Maganin Diabetes
1 hour ago Health
Tambaya ga mata
3 hours ago General
Question to Married Men/Women
3 hours ago Marriage
what are some important marriage tips ?
7 hours ago Marriage
Guys read this out please
11 hours ago Relationship
i Need Rukya
1 day ago Health
what has got into men fisabilillah
2 days ago Relationship
Please, how is Istihara done?
2 days ago Religion
Hide my ID people😂
3 days ago General
Which is more important first : House or Marriage ?
4 days ago General
y is true love so hard to find
4 days ago Relationship
I think my soulmate is in Jannah
4 days ago Confession
i feel like given up already
4 days ago General
How men and women view Money!
4 days ago Entertainment


friendship Relationship
Are you ready!!! General
Why is it that working class guys like me only meet idle ladies Relationship
Dear girls, Relationship
Dan allah ina neman shawara yan uwa Advice
Ya yanayin Sanyi a wajen ku at this time? General
A good relationship Relationship
Jamaa wai hln daga december nan baxa’a sake yin aure ba?😂 General