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Why do women always blame men for committing salacious relations with them & leaving?
11 hours ago General
Juma'at Tips
12 hours ago Advice
Have you ever thought of inventing something? lets discuss
1 day ago General
Whats your opinion on marrying a man and living with his kids or vice versa?
1 day ago Advice
Forming a Productive Cycle
1 day ago General
Ina so inyi Aure amma bro dina da mamana basu so
2 days ago Advice
I have Dark humor but my friends think i'm morbid
4 days ago Lifestyle
What pushes most men into polygamy ?
4 days ago Marriage
A Message to My Princess (unknown wife)
5 days ago Marriage
Pls is there any chance of becoming a professional football player
5 days ago Lifestyle
How do you handle being with a clingy partner ?
5 days ago Advice
what is the fastest way to make money?
5 days ago Business
Anya bamu shiga uku ba kuwa???🤔 My experience with a Guy I met just recently
6 days ago Relationship
What i think a wife is
6 days ago General
my opinion on sokoto on guys😹😹💔💔
7 days ago Entertainment
My opinion on Bauchi men 😂💔
8 days ago Relationship
My cat is dying 😭😭😭
8 days ago Advice
A big danger in love
8 days ago Relationship
I think Dating is fun even if it doesn't work out
8 days ago Relationship
Love without Convo
8 days ago Relationship


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Why is it that working class guys like me only meet idle ladies Relationship
Dear girls, Relationship
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