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why are men like this
2 days ago Relationship
Why does she want to delay our marriage?
3 days ago Advice
Should I get back with her after we separated?
3 days ago Relationship
am just trying to please my man and look what he did
5 days ago Relationship
my boyfriend lost his Job, I need advice
7 days ago Advice
is it bad to ask yoir boyfriend for something
9 days ago Relationship
He dosent call or talk to me expect if i do
9 days ago Relationship
Should I take something along when visiting my sick girlfriend?
11 days ago Advice
my opinion on the "manyan mata" series
11 days ago Entertainment
How's your relationship with your siblings and older ones?
11 days ago Relationship
looking for solution for high libido
12 days ago Advice
should i continue to chase her or just go?
12 days ago Relationship
I need medical advice
13 days ago Health
Is this called jealousy or love?
14 days ago Relationship
An advice to men!!!
15 days ago Advice
What is Happening nowadays ne waii, why do men misbehave in Marriage?
15 days ago Marriage
neman adduar biyan bukata
16 days ago General
I just saw his wedding IV
17 days ago Relationship
I feel like we are not compatible but i love her, what should i do?
18 days ago Advice
What are the pros and cons of dating a 19 years old girl?
18 days ago Relationship


friendship Relationship
Are you ready!!! General
Why is it that working class guys like me only meet idle ladies Relationship
Dear girls, Relationship
Bare Ta Auri Dan Fulani General
What is your opinion on Jigida? General
Ya yanayin Sanyi a wajen ku at this time? General
Tambaya Entertainment
Guys on this app wan make me crazy Matchmaker
Your Birthday. Entertainment
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Me yake fara zuwan ranka idan kayi tunanin Aure? Marriage