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2 hours ago General
Is there any police officer here? I need help please
8 hours ago General
I ended our relationship after finding out he is a liar.
15 hours ago Relationship
*When you see a guy smiling while chatting*
19 hours ago Entertainment
Please how many months are in semester?
22 hours ago General
23 hours ago Religion
Why are our people like this?
1 day ago Lifestyle
A super strong advice to all the singles in this forum
2 days ago Advice
Dear men, know your wife and mother's place in your life
2 days ago Advice
Concealing sins
2 days ago Religion
Kindness (Kyautatawa)
2 days ago Advice
Dear Gender This is a little advise
2 days ago Advice
Ramadan kareem 🌙
2 days ago Advice
Love shouldn't be begged for
3 days ago Advice
Do I have to accept you because you repented?
3 days ago Marriage
Know your Genotype before Marriage 😭
3 days ago Relationship
Is 5 years age gap between spouses okay?
3 days ago Marriage
wacece zata gayyace ni shan ruwa
3 days ago General
we met on Facebook & he wants to visit me
3 days ago Advice
Was i wrong for not telling him the truth about my past? I feel guilty
3 days ago Relationship


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