should i renew my matchmaker subscription?
Anonymous Jun 27, 08:08 PM

should i renew my matchmaker subscription? 3

my match maker account just expired yesterday, do you think I should re -register it again or it's just a waste of time and resources registering it again. let me hear from the comments section please.


Anonymous #1 Jun 27, 10:11 PM
tom ni dai ba zance komai ba gsk. ya danganta da iya karfin ka/ki. but wadda baya da guarantee isamun 30k month Ina ze iya biya wannan πŸ˜‚
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Anonymous #2 Jun 27, 11:07 PM
tohhhh y did u let it expire without getting ur match😲 don't mind meπŸ˜… but advisably don't register again, just keep praying in lokacin ki/ka yayi zaa dace in sha Allah allah ya hada mu da nagari
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Anonymous #3 Jun 28, 07:23 AM
You will be seeking advice from most people that don't even have an account on the matchmaker
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Anonymous Jun 28, 07:57 AM

I guess that's my bad luck πŸ₯Ή yeah you're right, thanks for the advice, the right one will come at it's destined time. In Sha Allah
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Anonymous #3 Jun 28, 09:01 AM

not everyone on the forum has matchmaker account are you male or female?
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Rashma Jun 28, 10:30 AM
ka/ki cigaba da addu'a Allah ya fimu sanin daidai amma gaskiya kar a saka registering.kar fa ace saboda mu bamu da account din neh
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Muhammad Musa Muhammad Jun 28, 10:36 PM

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ tohm na fita
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Anonymous Jun 29, 03:47 AM
Anonymous #4 Jul 1, 07:57 PM
well, it depends on what you want. Did you see anyone that you're comfortable with? I met different characters when i registered, i even considered marrying one but then, i stopped being desperate about marriage nd i discovered that we weren't compatible. My current relationship came unexpectedly to me and we didn't meet online. What I'm saying is, nobody knows you better than yourself if you want to register then by all means go ahead. Don't forget to pray fervently.
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