Are you ready!!!
Anonymous Oct 29, 02:28 PM

Are you ready!!! 1

How prepared are you to get married? What is the one thing that is stopping you?


Saadahassan Oct 29, 02:46 PM
the right guy
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Anonymous Oct 29, 03:05 PM

Kin samu, In sha Allah😆
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Bilkisu buba Oct 29, 03:17 PM
spouse 😑
reply 1
Anonymous #3 Oct 29, 03:48 PM

on behalf of me and myself, am here
reply 5
Umar Abdulsalam Oct 29, 03:51 PM
where are waiting for a great spouse inshallah
reply 3
Fatima A A Oct 29, 04:04 PM
a God fearing Man, a romantic, caring n supportive Man
reply 8
Anonymous #1 Oct 29, 04:52 PM
the right guy😢
reply 2
Anonymous Oct 29, 04:56 PM

Ga mu nan ko ina😐
reply 1
Anonymous Oct 29, 04:58 PM

Someone right now is praying to have you.
reply 6
Anonymous Oct 29, 04:59 PM
All the girls like don't like me back😫
reply 3
Mimie Oct 29, 05:06 PM
Anonymous Oct 29, 05:08 PM

Ko xa kiyi maneji dani ne mimie?
reply 2
Hadiza Baba Zannah Oct 29, 05:44 PM
the other half
reply 4
Anonymous #4 Oct 29, 05:55 PM
My soulmate 😔
reply 2
Zainabu Oct 29, 06:26 PM
Allah’s perfect timing
reply 2
Fatima A A Oct 29, 06:28 PM

may Allah cinnesct us on the schedule right path
reply 1
Zainab ruma Oct 29, 07:22 PM
I’m sick,plus I’m still in school it will be hard for me to cop with all
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Fatima A A Oct 29, 08:03 PM

chai... see the error I made writing
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Tijjani Muhammad Oct 29, 08:41 PM
work. if I would have a work the next I will start looking for right partner.
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Khadija Oct 29, 08:52 PM
Allah's perfect timing,and not having someone who is serious 😔😔and by Allah's i'll settled by next year bi iznillahi let me drop my contact if interested just call me
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Fatima Muhammad husain Oct 29, 09:22 PM
the right man
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Anonymous #5 Oct 29, 09:27 PM
the groom
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Anonymous #2 Oct 29, 10:32 PM

Hi Fatima A A let's meet up
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Anonymous #6 Oct 29, 10:47 PM
fully ready,just waiting for my Mr Wright ya bayyana🤗
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Jibril saeed Oct 30, 12:06 AM

kema kinsamu
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Saadiya idris umar Oct 30, 05:47 AM
miji nagari ne wahalar amma akwai samarin. ALLAH ka hadamu da mai Albarka cikin falalar ka.
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Fatima A A Oct 30, 06:46 AM

ok drop ur contact or are u on d match making site?
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Mss Oct 30, 08:17 AM
Right spouse
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Anonymous Oct 30, 09:37 AM
Ok, my name is Mr right, you guys have been waiting for me, gashi nan na bayyana.
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