Is it okay to send nudes to your boyfriend?
Anonymous Jun 5, 08:08 PM

Is it okay to send nudes to your boyfriend? 0

my boyfriend that has promised to marry me asked me for nude pictures yesterday I don't feel comfortable to send but I don't want to offend him please what do you guys think? should I send or not? Thanks


Array Jun 5, 08:23 PM
Please don’t!these days you see cases about things like this,now if you break up wallah he’ll use it against you,and boys that ask for nudes don’t love you wlh sis,please don’t.Allah zai baki wanda will love you tsakani da Allah
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Deejangala Jun 5, 11:07 PM
Don't make that mistake honestly, you can't undo the damage, come on do you still need someone to tell you how unethical that decision is? No honorable man will ask you to destroy your future for his lust. Ask girls who tried that, the consequences of that mistake still haunts them. He'll use it later on to blackmail you. Do not degrade yourself for a man, you are worth much more than that. He will not marry you.
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Rabi suleiman Jun 6, 07:00 AM
I think it was on this website someone posted about how her boyfriend blackmailed her using her nude pics, so please don't send to him. Dan iska ne.
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AnDex_Blaq Jun 7, 05:17 AM
You don't want to offend you boyfriend but you want to offend Allah, why will someone who promised to marry you even ask of your nude, My sister don't even try it...... The return leg will be worst than what Liverpool did to Barcelona. Make Hay while the sun still shine.
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Amansur Jun 10, 08:09 AM
Is not okay pls don't sent ur nude even if it is one our to ur wedding duk namijin da zaya kalleki yace Ki turo masa nudes baya ganin mutuncinki kuma koda kin tura yaji dadi kunyi auren Ba zaku taba zama Lfy ba Sbd kullum zargi Zeyi ta shiga tsakaninku mata y kamata mu kiyaye mu San abinda yake mana ciwo mu daina bari soyayya tana rudarmu Dan wannan ba soyayya bace ga duk saurayin da zaya ce Ki turo masa tsaraichinki bai ma daukeki da mutunci ba mu kula Dan Allah a kiyaye
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Fatima Shettima Abba Jun 10, 09:19 AM
Capital Nooo don't send it woo in fact dis ur boyfriend is not serious forget about him
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Hajzugarba Jun 10, 07:18 PM
Noooo karki fara
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MuslimSister Jun 12, 02:35 AM
Assalamu Alaikum.Habibty please dont do such a thing. Don’t ever feel like hes going to get offended. Subhanallah, sending nudes is a big sin. By sending that, he will commit a form of Zina which is of the eye. Just because society makes it seem normal, don’t ever think like this sister. How sure are you that he’ll marry you? Ya Rabb, death could come to us at any moment. What if it happened whilst you were committing that sin. Take a look at 24:31 in the Holy Qur’aan sister. Also, advise him to resist his temptations as this is the Shaytaan’s whisper. We have no idea of how good of a person he may be. So sister, please do not send them. Remember Allah SWT Is Watching us always. May Allah SWT Guide and Protect us always and Grant us the best in the dunya and in the aakhira. Remember, our sole purpose of being on this earth is to worship Allah SWT. Why please a som of Adam AS to displease Almight Allah SWT.
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Dr Zamani Jun 12, 02:51 AM
Don’t even think of making that biggest mistake of your life if he truly loves you as he said and he wants to marry you ask he stupidly says he won’t ask you for that nonsense or discuss anything similar to that infarct he will be the one protecting you telling what Islam teach but for him to ask you that my sister form that time you should know his just a basted and very usual human being
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Fatyma Jun 18, 11:43 PM
Please dnt send dear I quit a relationship because of that
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MARYAM MANSUR Jun 29, 10:46 PM
Haba! Sister how can u choosed 2offend d Almighty dat created u with out any effort coz of a mere mortal? No diz is not ryt don't dare try it. Remember he only promised to marry u which is not guarantee, u r not his wife do careful and b warn for d wrath of Allah is real
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Halieyliey Jul 3, 06:20 AM

True...Wannan gaskiya neh, they use it to blackmail the ladies n ask for sex whenever they feel like it..n some even threaten the existence of marriage in your life Allah ya shirya mu duk
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Ameena Jul 14, 02:14 PM
Please do not send. You really dont know what might happen next. What if he decides he doesn't want you anymore and then you guys have a big fight then he decides to release the pictures. And be careful of Allahs anger on you. Protect your chastity
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Ahmad lamin Jul 14, 02:22 PM
No its not okay. Dont please ur BF and get punished by Allah bcoz its total haram.
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Anonymous #1 Dec 6, 10:02 AM
wallahy he will use it later to blackmail you...I have a frnd da seda yhfito da eta dga gdan aurenta...gdan in laws dinta yhkai dont EVER try dat I LOVE YOU duk qaryhnede
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Abdourl Feb 7, 06:01 AM
Right from the moment he asked for your nudes proofs that he doesn't deserves your love, many ladies send their nudes to men nowadays and that maybe the end of their relationships. Remember that such act are forbidden in Islam it's also part of zina and once you send it you really ruined your life, your happiness and your peace of mind.
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Ayesha audu Feb 25, 11:38 PM
Just remember what deezell did to maryam booth
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Anonymous #2 May 10, 01:02 AM

A Muslim man that really loves a woman wil never ask her for her nude pictures because it's TOTALLY unacceptable in Islam. Also, such men are perhaps not acquainted about the etiquettes if Islam. You both can still make a great couple but you need to put more effort to learn the Deen of Allaah.
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Anonymous #3 Aug 13, 10:35 AM
Salam Please don’t try that Let’s say you sent the nudes and he saw it and end up ditching you,mostly guys that ask of nudes aren’t ready to settlewith you And finally you’ll always have that guilt feeling irin what if one of his friends viewed your nudes,what if he uses the nude against me
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Fatima AG Aug 13, 11:14 AM
Am not good in hausa proverbs Hausawa sun ce Maganin kar ayi kar a fara
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Abubakar sabo Nalado Dec 8, 03:30 PM
My advice for you is don't send it
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Anonymous #4 Apr 21, 05:26 PM
I am going to give you the best advice for free. Instead of sending him nudes, send him this as a text message (just copy it and paste it sef): "Do not ever contact me again. It is over between me and you. Keep your marriage promise." Then block him everywhere. You'll be tempted to unblock him or contact him for the next for days, but DO NOT DO IT. You're welcome.
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Sci-uba Jul 19, 03:06 PM
wannan ba auren ki zaiyi ba to be frank Dan shan minti ne kawai
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Mamadou Mounta Oct 10, 01:51 AM
Don't send it to him.. If he truly wants to wife you, he won't request for such... He will wait till he weds you for he will legally access all his fantasies in you NB: Never ever sent it to him
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Zainab29 Oct 17, 08:17 AM
Please Don't.
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Fatee bg Oct 17, 02:31 PM
u jst said u don't feel comfortable with dat how is something right make you feel uncomfortable reason am well
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Golden Oct 19, 08:30 PM
how is that okay to send ur nude to ur boyfriend is clear that he doesn’t loves u is only interested in the nude video not you baby girl 🤨
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Khadijah taheer Oct 24, 10:00 AM
No a real man will not say such a thing and also islamicaly is haram
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Na'eem Oct 29, 07:15 PM
Abeg don't send, e get why. all the nudes he's seeing akan titi bai ishe shi ba?
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Nasir Salim Nov 1, 05:50 PM
Go send am nw. Idan ya watsa su duniya wata rana ko yayi blackmailing din ki da su zaki dawo ki bamu labari sai mu rarrashe ki🤗
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