unjust love
Anonymous Jun 17, 09:27 PM

unjust love 3

Assalamu alaykum people,, well lemme start from the very start, well I met this guy last year, Masha Allah he's everything a lady needs, and me being young girl I fell for him, (he's my first love) everything was going well, we started dating, our love was the purest, gradually the love kept on increasing that when I don't talk to him in a day I feel incomplete, before we started dating when I asked him about his birthday he gave me the date, January, so ana nan then January came in, I wished him and prayed for him, then we started having little problems, he was always busy that we hardly talk a day, and ni kuma I was starting to get upset cause I needed him every moment, so he later told me about his busy schedule and he made some adjustments for Me and we fixed everything, he's this guy that each time I get upset with him he says "baby you know I love you" for the past 8 months, he called my name just 4 times I think, he's always like I love you more and most each time I say I love you. So last month I saw some posts on Instagram of people who know him wishing him happy birthday , and I decided to confront him, when I asked him he swore to me wai January ne, it was hard believing but he still managed to cconvince me that it wasn't that day, a day later, my best friend (she has him on Snapchat) saw his post with a birthday cake and a gift and the caption was "thank you bae for the bday" so she sent me the video, when I saw it, I was broken, I've never felt that way in my whole life, I couldn't cry when I saw it, so she comforted me and advised me not to confront him, some hours ago by 1am I broke down, I cried for hours, even while praying tears were flowing freely, I even fell sick with an issue of dehydration , a day later he called me, he noticed the nature of the call cause I'm very jovial, he asked if he offended me but I said no, he later promise that he'll never leave my side, the next day he called again and said I make him happy and ended the call with I love you most.. And the most funniest part is I still love him despite all the things I saw, well should I confront him? Or should I forget about it and keep on with our relationship cause love is patience...


Phartymerh Jun 18, 07:19 AM
If you are really sure he has another Bae that gave him a birthday cake meaning he is cheating on you its better you leave him. someone that is cheating on you since before marriage idan kuma anyi aure ya mallake he will still misbehave and by then walking away will be harder. Mazan kwanan players sunyi yawa, kuma a player will always appear as a real lover for you to fall for him.
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Deejangala Jun 18, 07:41 AM
I think you should find something to keep you busy, if you're in school then focus more on your studies find other things to do, you've given the relationship too much importance, what if things do not work out for you guys? You'll easily fall into depression I'm not praying for that gaskiya and why does it matter so much to you whether his birthday is in january or december? He told you it's January so just take it as it is, from your post i don't think you'd let him go so, talk to him send him the video and confront him that'll be best and avoid taking relationship advice from friends. All the best
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Hamidat Yusug Jun 18, 07:47 AM

Sister,d guy in question is playing u right,den play d card d way he wants it,pray harder and focus most on ur life goal,kar ki nuna mishi komai amma gakiya kiyi kokarin cire sonshi a ranking,a player is always a player plz take note sister🙏
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Abduljalal Jun 18, 08:46 AM
Gaskiya to me,the only key to any relationship is communication,just show him the video and if he is man enough and he loves you,he will explain everything and if he doesn't love you,that is the time he will tell you,im a man,i've never seen anything weird with my girl and keep shut,the more you talk about everything,the easier everything will get...sorry!!
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Sa'ada Jun 18, 09:43 AM

You shouldn't advice her to play because as you can see she's almost obsessed with him she might keep falling for him in the process while shi kuma he's only playing her he has someone else In mind
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Sa'ada Jun 18, 09:59 AM
Babe the earlier you leave him the better for you. It's too obvious that he's cheating on you for goodness sake don't torture yourself emotionally because of a guy. he isn't worth it at all, so please if you cannot avoid his calls n chatts, you can show him those videos and simply add a caption thank you then block him on all social media platforms I know it's not easy, but you gotta be strong for yourself babe keep praying too day and night and always engage in what makes you happy + never stay alone and idle In Shaa ALLAH you will get over him soon enough. Best wishes!
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Nasz Jun 18, 10:33 AM

I totally disagree with you,wat if there's no other lady,I suggest she show him the video and give him chance to explain himself,wat if everything is just a minor misunderstanding..Just communicate and insha Allah you guys will get thru everything!!
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Khalid Jun 18, 03:29 PM

Kai! Allah ya biyaka, that’s exactly abunda ke raina, we shouldn’t be jumping to conclusions da sauri haka. Mu dinga ba juna uzuri, don’t be surprised there’s no other girl, may be his Mom, Sister or any other person ne thqt gave him cake din. Bayan kwana biyu tell him you two need to have a talk, with smile and at ease (may be ma cikin wasa) bring on the issue, play the video for him to see kiji me zaice.
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Nasz Jun 18, 04:14 PM

Nagode brother,babban abunda ke kashe soyayya da aure nowadays is zargi da over jealousy,i mean "both Genders",wasu kuma bincike,za'a iya fada musu abubuwa akan past din mutum,shine zargi zai shiga tsakaninku,please take time sister and don't rush into conclusions!!
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Rukayyah Alkali Jun 18, 08:47 PM
Hmm, sister i think u shld jst let him go, Allah ze kawo miki wani, but pls dnt be blind by his love, cox u may regret it later
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Sa'ada Jun 21, 01:33 PM

Wait hala u didn't read what she wrote properly? People who knew him wished him a happy birthday meaning he lied to her about his birthday secondly he posted a gift on Snapchat which never came from her with the caption thank you bar who is the bae? What was all that suppose to mean? + He's been giving her attitude recently go read through a post well before you comment please!
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Sa'ada Jun 21, 01:37 PM

Sister ceh bae koh I know ana kiran Mom and sisters da pet names but I've never heard someone calling his mom or sister bae and why will he even lie about his birthday? + If you read through the post u would know that the guy has been giving the poor girl attitudes please I beg of you don't be giving false and hopeless hopes I've been there so I feel her!
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Anonymous #1 Jun 24, 03:11 PM

Waalaykum salam,well I'll make some suggestions and advice too on this same issue. Girls or lemme say we 'Girls' tend to make this mistake,that when ever we met up with a guy,we start dating ,doing everything and such like that.forgetting the facts stipulated upon every relationship in Islam.if am not mistaken, we are easily taking and falling for without any objections or limitations,there are things we need to look upon being in a relationship with anyone that comes in,e.g if a man comes,he's suppose to ask permission for you two to be in touch ,that way you'll understand one another ,your love will grow and everything falling to place,you seeking Allah's guidance and you'll get to it ,or reverse d case.hikimar fdan haka ko yin hka a muslunci shine, duk namijin da yaxo farko kace mishi yaxo ya nemi izinin yin xance ,indae dgske yke xaixo amma indae bdgske bne bxaki kara jin shi ba,that way mnyi securing mutuncin mu and everything that comes, mace tnda daraja bkowane xaixo mna ba mu fara bshi soyyrmu b ko wani abu,na biyu,hikima a ckn nemn permission a wurn iyaye shine,mn nuna mahimmancn su a rayuwrmu,mun basu girmansu,hakkinsu suma iyayen,saboda sunfi kowa mahimmanci haka xaisa mu samu albrkarsu a ckn duk abnda muke nema,suma kuma xasu tayamu da addua da xabin shi kanshi,sann kuma idan mutum yaxo Neman permission wurnsu,xasuyi bincike akan mutum en dyxo dga nan sae subada damar xancan ,fahimtar juna da sauransu in Allah yayi takai har ga aure. I guess that's the purpose of such relationships! Dama shi namiji yana tafiya akan ydda kika nuna mishi,idan ka nuna mahimmancin iyayenka shima hka xai mutuntaka sanin kinsn abnda kikeyi. Idan mukyi abnda Allah yace ,mkyi abnda ya kmata dywa xaa samu raguwar matsaloli irin wdnn. Amma its seems abune Mae wuya a wurnmu ba marayuwa ba though! Na uku,idan da sanin iyaye mutum ya yaudare ki at least, its a kind of ease,you'll get the full support you'll need,you'll have someone to pour your heart too maybe (mom) and the pain becomes less. Idan muka lura,idan dadin ne iyayen ne idan rshn dadin ne ma sune,nobody is above them shysa Allah ya axurta mu dsu,wasu ma nemnsu sukeyi,so let's try to correct our mistakes and adjust to our teachings. Mu bar wann abun, na I want to feel among...kowa yaxo mu bshi kofa na yxma saurayin mu,kema dae ace kindshi...haba!! Your time will come, everything will come to you not the opposite. Your case,is sympathetic and I'll pray you find your way out! In the sense that you keep praying and be your self,do what that makes you content,happy and find something that keeps you away from all the past,move on too! I also think you should give him space, if he truly loves you he'll come running back and if he's not you'll be proving right and pray for better. We shouldn't rush please ma sisters,we should also put some sense into the men,they should value us ,we aren't just some puppet that who ever comes ,takes with. We shouldn't just look at the out side of them,let's look at the deen of that person,he's good virtues, behavior among others,and quality/responsible enough likewise the men. Let's make our life much more easier than it is, we've gotten all the freedom we could, we are even allowed to choose a partner for ourselves unlike the contemporary society where you'll be married off to an unknown person. You guys(men) should also respect your selves, you never know what life installs, you have your family too! Be wise,make use of the chances you get,at the end of the day marrying the wrong wife after mistreating the good ones. Every seconds that one took crying due to your actions or insecurity counts... As it is,Allah baya yafe hakkn wani,due to this,you can ruin all the goods youve done(NB)Lets not abuse each other in the name of love.its not worth it!We should all play our role very well,using our code of life(Islam) Am not criticizing rather am been objective! May Allah SWA. Continue to guide,protect us against all the evils,may we be blessed with good spouses in good health and wealth.
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Amijaf Jul 14, 07:27 PM
Dear Sister he is a cheater kawai try n kip praying mafi alkhairi., dont make a mistake dat u ll leta regret. Any responsible man wil not do wat u listed above. Wallahi dont fall just for luv, hali shine yake defining din mutum duk so inhar ba gskya da hali me kyau kyal kyal banza ne. Wish yah d best
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