how i feel about women
Shamsu Don May 18, 12:18 AM

how i feel about women 0

I wanted to share this to know if it is normal and some few men feel this way sometimes. i don't like women and sometimes i feel disgusted by them especially when they have their period its just so disgusting and all the other nasty discharge that come out of their private part. men are naturally cleaner than women and intellectually better but the annoying thing is they will be dressing fashionable and be doing yanga as if they are the purer gender some refer to themselves as slay queens after all the disgusting things that happen in their body and their small brain i wonder why some men marry and decide to be with them. Men pls what do you think about this?


Shamsu Don Apr 24, 03:03 AM
Don't call me a homosexual. and Yes a menstruating woman gave birth to you too but that does not change the fact that menstruation is disgusting.
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Anonymous #1 Apr 21, 01:34 PM
I don't say this as an insult, but you're most likely a misogynist and a homosexual. Just accept it and stay away from women. You probably know deep down, you're a homosexual and you don't like or accept that fact. This is most likely what is giving rise to your misogyny. You like men but can't show it openly hence, you hate the women that you are ideally supposed to be attracted to. To each, his own. Go and suffer in peace.
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Anonymous #1 Apr 21, 01:24 PM
1. You're obviously a misogynistic homosexual. 2. I hope you understand that it's a menstruating woman that gave birth to you, unfortunately. 3. Just because the man telling you about the size of a woman's brain, ya na nada kazamin rawani a kansa doesn't mean he really knows what he's talking about.
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Shamsu Don Apr 6, 07:29 PM
I'm asking people on this Forum, how can I even ask him? Ai nasan Allah and I won't even entertain this nonesense that you said. By the way if you read the post I wanted replies from men, not women, so why did you even bother to comment?
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Nasir Mujahid Apr 6, 04:05 PM
Sister, I think there is always a polite way to talk to him. Amma I think zagin yayi yawa. Kila he's just sick, inda baza gane ba a kyale shi kawai. Allah ya bashi lafiya.
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Anonymous #3 Apr 6, 12:53 PM
U must be an idiot a big one foolish idiot go and tell that to your mother that gave birth to u?? Had it been she wasn't menstruating den she wouldn't have given birth to an idiot like u Wanda Bai San mahimamci mace ba am sure u don't respect your mother at all Bcos of this disgusting thinking of yours Wawa kawai a koma islamiyya da Biko RUBBISH and u b4 u say anything about women u should go straight to your mama and ask her first to get her answer b4 u open dat gutter u call a mouth to insult women
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Shamsu Don Apr 6, 12:42 PM
Yes, what is there just because you want to give birth then you spill disgusting blood every month? You are the fool. Or is it that baku da wani amfani se haihuwa da zubar da jini from your private part?? You can't do anything with your brains?
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Shamsu Don Apr 6, 12:40 PM
Yes a woman gave birth to me but that doesn't mean I should like women and not say the truth about them. You can say all you want but can't deny the fact that those periods are disgusting and make you people impure. Its true. I'm just asking a question to discuss about it. Open your mind and understand the fact.
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Anonymous #3 Apr 6, 01:21 AM
Kai Amman gaskiya fisabilillahi you're a fool a big fool so to stop the blood we will take something so dat we won't give birth abi??? Mumu go back to school or u and ask your mum why she didn't take medicine to stop her period
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Anonymous #3 Apr 6, 01:18 AM
Abeg get out both of u are crazy wallahi ALLAH in ba hauka ba wani irin banxan tunani neh wannan Tom oga beg ka xauna haka karka taba yin aure tunda we are disgusting... And whatever dat we are going through ba laifin mu bane ALLAH neh ya Dora mana abi u want to question ALLAH??? Kuma na woman born u unless maybe na man born u or u fall for the sky aikin banxa kawai
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Anonymous #3 Apr 6, 01:02 AM
Abeg what did u go-to school for Dan Allah???? They didn't teach u anything wlh jahiline kawai....Kuma Allah neh ya hallice mu Haka or do u want to start questioning HIM??? And shey it's a woman dat gave birth to u go and ask this! I bet she will gv u an answer
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Anonymous #4 Dec 29, 09:22 PM
I never said it means you like men, I'm just pointing out ways da steps da shaidan yake tarbiyyan zuciya akan mummunan tunani. And whether you like them or not, Allah ne ya halicce su saboda haka ya ga dama, so you liking or not liking affects his creations in no way as long ba mugunta zaka rinqa yiwa mutane ba. Allah wants it and he did what he wants and no one can do anything about it, kuma shi yasan hikiman da yasa yayi kowa da komai, dukda cewan wasu mutane sun gane, akwai wadanda bazasu taba ganewa ba. To some extent, it doesn't matter to us or our creator ko kana kyaman mu ko bakayi, but just do your best wajen ganin cewan bakayi harming ko wace mace ba in any way. Mahallicinmu baya qyamarmu, don a yanda muke yake accepting ibadunmu kuma yake yimana albarka. Barakallaahu feenaa wa feekum!
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Anonymous #4 Dec 6, 01:09 AM
You should try to get in contact da correct malami don aqeedanka yana buqatan nourishment sosai. Before you know it, from hating girls, you'll soon start liking men, kaga alamari ya gama lalacewa. Shaidan ne yake bullo maka ta wannan qofan, search for answers that'll proove him wrong. Speak to a scholar atleast, they'll council you. Allah ya tsare mana imaninmu.
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Ayeeshaah Oct 7, 12:26 AM
Since you have told us your opinion, from now on we'll stop "dressing fashionable" and start smelling like dust bins because we have our periods you, nonsense
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Anonymous #6 Aug 13, 10:47 AM
Assalamu’alaikum This is not the appropriate word to use brother
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Anonymous #7 May 9, 04:11 PM
Shamsu gaskiya ur thought is not normal.. it's like insulting them cux you're insinuating that they're dirty which is not right. Menstruation is part of being a woman. Vaginal secretion can also be normal though there is abnormal one.. and when a woman takes gud care of her private part, there's nothing like bad odour.
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Sadiqu Uba Apr 22, 08:40 PM
Oga na ka koma islamiya, ko ka samu karatuttukan malamai akan mata ka dunga saurara
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Mr. Aulaz Apr 16, 09:10 PM
Hmmm. sometimes its more complex than you think
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Anonymous #5 Apr 3, 03:29 AM
Malam, pls do not be brainwashed
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Mr. Aulaz Mar 30, 09:30 PM
Anonymous #5 Mar 17, 07:02 PM
Point of Correction, there's nothing like natural gay. People are not born gay, there just chose to be
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Shamsu Don Mar 5, 10:15 PM
hmmm, Amma ai akwai abunda ake Sha to stop the blood forever.
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Islaha Jan 20, 02:24 AM
Islaha Jan 20, 02:23 AM
True but it's better if she goves him a piece of his mind right?
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