Wane course ne idan mutum yayi ze samu aiki
Imran Mar 28, 10:16 PM

Wane course ne idan mutum yayi ze samu aiki 2

Yanzu, aiki se ahankali a kasar nan, wane course ko profession ne Wanda idan mutum yayi baze sha wahalar neman aiki ba? Thanks


Chidi k Mar 29, 11:34 AM
why not go to Al-majiri school, i guess its where you northerners belong.
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Mr. Aulaz Mar 29, 02:45 PM

or maybe he should turn to internet scam / armed robbery, that's what you southerners are good at. don't come here and be talking like a tribalistic fool. why are you even on our forum, Get out and go to Nairaland
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Najib Ata Mar 29, 03:53 PM

Thank God u know that we northeners have the means of learning other than western education. But you as a southerner can you tell me something that u have and u will be proud of it other than, Yahoo boys, Prostitutions, Arm robberies, Cultisms and so on. Bloody idiot! u will die with hatred, we're always kind to u people but hatred blocks u from seeing it, Arewa is above u forever, and lemme educate u, peoples only shows hatred, hates, envies to the person or group of people that is/are better than them
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Imran Mar 29, 05:01 PM
Ibrahim baba Mar 29, 05:10 PM

Hatred only begets hatred and violence will only beget violence so the golden rule of life is what you give will always come back to you.
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Abdullahi Idris Apr 1, 09:57 AM
Course din yahoo boys
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Mr. Aulaz Apr 1, 06:36 PM

You are one of them kenan. ku dai ji tsoron Allah, you will account for who ever you defraud.
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Imran Apr 1, 06:40 PM
You Guys are not even answering but rather replying this silly guy
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Amina Apr 5, 08:18 PM
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Niems Apr 5, 09:42 PM
Entrepreneur ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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Niems Apr 5, 09:42 PM
Business school
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Faisal Apr 5, 09:55 PM
Gaskiya, samun aiki is hard yanzu, ko da kayi course me kyau. Amma ga dai wasu nan. 1. Medicine 2. Engineering 3. Piloting 4. Aikin Force You can look into any of these 4 areas, also don't just depend on having a Job, if you have any business ideas, try them out. Or you can study the course you passionately want and try to go into entrepreneurship in that area. Allah ya bamu sa'a
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Salman abba Apr 5, 10:33 PM
i don't think akwai aikin nan, unless zaka shiga police ko soja, su ne ake samun guarantee Job, still kana iya samun aiki in other fields depending on your luck
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ET Apr 10, 01:41 AM
Doesn't matter much nowadays fa, yadda abubuwa suka zama. Babu wani course dinda ake samun aiki easily, in dai in Ng ne. Better put your mind on starting something of your own. Employment hunting dinnan ko mai connections sai da kyar. And the pay is never good enough, Allah ya gani! I think that given the opportunities engendered by all the technological advancements of our age in the history of the world, young people should be innovators rather than job seekers.
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Fareed Apr 15, 08:09 PM
Gaskiya best option is Computer science...you work from home and earn alot like when I was in my final year I was already earning money But it won't be easy studying it Sha
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Naxee May 31, 08:23 PM

Don't be rude please... say good things or keep quiet!
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Naxee May 31, 08:27 PM
Ba wani course da zaka ce wai zaka samu aiki da wuri... ynxu abun ya zama hanya da kuma sa'a. Idan allah yasa ka dace sai kaga ka samu. Amma ka dunga neman labarai na aikin NGO a Borno dan ana samu sosai if you are lucky!
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Queen Jun 5, 05:20 AM
Entrepreneurship ๐Ÿ˜„
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Hajzugarba Jun 10, 07:26 PM
Kafita kasan waje ka koyo French ko larabci Italian German dadai sauran yaran dakasan ana yinsu sosai saikazama translator amma yazamana ka iya English sosai kana dawowa za afara ribibinka
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Dr sal Jun 16, 12:11 PM
Please Try Doctor of optometry(eye doctor) itโ€™s a new course at BUK, there is a high demand for this profession through out the north / Public health
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Anonymous #1 Jun 24, 05:54 PM
Library and information science
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MARYAM MANSUR Jun 29, 10:53 PM
Dear poster in anything you are doing u can b exceptional but it depend on how best u uterlize d opportunity for example u can ready any course upto PhD level or until you became a professor. Just pray for the bestWallahu a'alamu
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Hindat Jul 2, 09:24 PM
Medicine Pharmacy Law agricultural science Force related career International relation Para medical course Vet Medicine Theatre or performing art In a nortshell it all depends on ur class of degree and dd demand for workers in dat field
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Sabitu umar galadima Sep 15, 12:25 AM
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Sadiqu Uba Apr 22, 08:29 PM

Or maybe she starts sleeping with every man and be collecting 500 naira, i think that's how you southerns make money
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Mr. Aulaz May 26, 12:12 AM

Hhh.. are you serious??? Idan ka gama ina zakayi aiki?
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