Buhari retire
Fareed Apr 11, 08:23 PM

Buhari retire 0

Idan buhari ya retire daga siyasa wai mutane za'a zabi APC Koh a'a


Ibrahim salis Apr 11, 08:29 PM
only a matter of time, mutane a nigeria wawaye ne wallahi, party suke zaba ba mutum ba. hahha, kullun na tuna sai nayi dariya
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Fareed Apr 11, 08:49 PM

Ai shine ya kamata adunga cross party election a arewa sosai wa insu waje cross party suke Yi kaman kudu Gwamna suyi APGA President PDP
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Fareed Apr 12, 03:42 PM

Cross party dai. Conscience is for members of the political party Incase Nigeria's case APC wanting senators to vote their candidate
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Abrar Idris Apr 12, 04:22 PM

i actually meant, people consciously voting witb their eyes and mind open rather than blind voting for the sake of party loyalty
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ET Apr 13, 08:10 AM

Abrar used the word "conscious" not "conscience". Even if he had said "conscience" the meaning intended should have be plain enough, given the context.
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Najib Ata Apr 13, 04:02 PM
I don't think so, because now Alhamdulillah our political carrier is progressing peoples now learns to vote man of Integrity than political party. If you take looks at some of our state in the north there are some incumbent governors who loss their sit to their co-candidate. And in other hand states like Sokoto, Plateau, Kano and so on were Intimidated by co-candidate, Incumbent governors won with a narrow margin. So with all these we're having a great hope that Insha Allah in 2023 political parties won't have any impact rather people will go for Integrity. Everyone will reap what he/she sow.
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Fareed Apr 13, 08:32 PM

Yea but most of the incumbent governors that lost either dint pay salaries or dint release money for campaign I think our democracy will revolve around who has money rather than Integrity when buhari is not around
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Fareed Apr 15, 07:59 PM

Wlhy the best option is our generation to speak up and change that
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Hatty Dec 21, 08:54 PM
Mutumin azziki akeso ko kuwa rufe ido zamu runkayi muna yin zabe kamar akuya
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Fareed Feb 18, 04:04 PM

Gaskiyya fa. Allah ya taimake mu kawai
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Babyloo Sep 8, 05:07 AM
only god knows😂
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Idris mu'awiya Nov 6, 03:15 PM
Shi wannan hali da ya nuna lokachin da yana mulki wasu na ganin rashin kirkinsa amma bayan kuma ya sauka wasu na ganin kirkinsa toh shima prrresident tinubu gayanan dai yana wahalar da nigerians kaiiih ni dai bani da abin cewa sai dai ALLAH yasa mu dace ameen
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