Addiction problem
Anonymous Jun 6, 05:24 PM

Addiction problem 9

I have porn addiction problem. Please I'm looking for someone who can help me out.


Rabi suleiman Jun 6, 07:03 AM
is it just porn alone or with masturbation, also pls what's your gender?
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Anonymous Jun 6, 07:33 AM
Rabi suleiman Jun 6, 10:13 AM

with masturbation its more severe. The process has to be gradual you cannot stop it at once. if you are doing it daily make it once in 3 days then after some time make it once in a week slowly you will begin to recover from it. - most importantly be reciting 'subhanallah' and make it a habbit whenever you have the urge to do it pick the qur'an and start reciting it - Avoid being alone in those times - Try to occupy your mind with more important things - Remember this is a great sin that can destroy your life - Pray to Allah daily to help you in overcoming it.
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Deejangala Jun 6, 10:27 AM
Look at the side effects maybe it'll motivate you to stop. *it makes one dull, comprehending things becomes harder, your heart hardens, it reduces reproductive system's health and much more. If you're a muslim then you maybe know the consequences too. Try yo minimize the time you spend alone, don't watch romantic movies.
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Anonymous Jun 6, 01:01 PM

The funniest part of it is I thought when I get married I would stop. But unfortunately I couldn't stop. I thought I'm sex starved and I think if I take more wife (1 or more) I may stop. I'm seriously disturbed.
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AnDex_Blaq Jun 7, 05:14 AM
That you are married makes it weird that you masturbate since you have a wife which you can make love to whenever you are aroused, Rabi Suleiman has given you a good advice already. Make Dua frequently.
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Rabi suleiman Jun 7, 07:50 AM

yes this shows it is beyond the sex or arousal, his brain is used to the same pattern and like a food that feeds the brain and it can't break it.
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Nana Jun 7, 09:55 PM
Allah ya shirye mu Baki daya ya yaye maka wannan matsalar da duk wani mai fama da eta Amin🤲🏻
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MARYAM MANSUR Jun 10, 08:44 AM
The most important thing is to engage urself with a lot of ibadat like fasting, zikir, reading Qur'an and don't stay idle. Also pray hard and do istigfar with auto most sincerity. Finally if u have d means marry. May Allah see I through n guard us against all evil deed.
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Ayesha audu Jun 17, 04:59 AM

Dear poster, please dont think of adding a wife even if you have the means improve the quality of your life haba why is bahaushe like this? so silly. this issue of adding wives is annoying (no offence) but i have to tell you the truth once bahause gets some money/promotion or an increase in income he will add wife wallahi wannan shirme ne. don't fall into that category think please. since you are already married increase the quality of your life ya fi maka akan ka karo mata and add more burden on yourself. kayi tunani ka gani
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Halieyliey Jul 3, 06:17 AM
Assalam dear poster...let me add more to what sister rabi has said..ka yawaita zikr,seek professional help and always go to your halal(wife) when ever the thought of watching porn comes to your head Ina amfanin kallon abunda baxa ka iya tabawa ba?? There are some du'as you should say frequently In Shaa Allah you'll be free from the addiction.. Goes like this Allahumma innee as'alukal huda wat'taqwaha, wal afafa wal ghina Allahumma aati nafsi taqwaahaa wa zakkihaa, anta khayru man zakkahaa anta waliyyuhaa wa mawlaahaa Allahumma inni astaghfiruka li kulli dhambin qaddamtu fihi sahwati ala ta'atika wa athartu fihi mahabbati ala amrik fa ardaytu nafsi bi ghadabik wa arradtuha li sakhatik idh na haytani wa qaddamtu ilayya fihi indharak wa tahhajajta alayya fihi bi wa'idik wa'astaghfiruka Allahumma wa atubu ilayk Allah see you through dear poster
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Meeemee May 12, 02:49 AM
Well dear poster I once heard this, if u're fond of watching pornography then it will be very difficult for u to stop nd even after marriage ur wife will never satisfy u koyaushe..but a muslim sister here @rabi suleiman gives u a mind blowing advice Allahya bada sa'a
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Sa'eed muhammad Sep 9, 04:48 PM
my advice here is , first whenever you do it , don't feel you are bad person, remember Allah's mercy, instead remorse and ask for forgiveness, pray five times daily no skipp, ask Allah for everything even lifting ur finger .. whenever u find yourself in it again, ask for forgiveness and move on.. don't ever stop repenting whenever u find urself in the act again... and make dis dua constantly... Allahumma inni asaluka hubbul khairat wa tarkil munkarat wahubbul masakeen , wa an tagfirli wa tarhamli , wa iza arada fitnata qaumin fatawaffani ghaira maftoon
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Aisha Agwai Mar 31, 12:10 AM
just marry
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