Why ist hard for me to find true love?
Muhammad s. Ibrahim Nov 19, 02:58 PM

Why ist hard for me to find true love? 1

Am a type of guy thats too quiet and care alot, am too emotional, i dated about 3 times, all i end up with heartbreaks, they always take advantage of me and break me.... Ist that being kind and too emotional is wrong or what? Or ist that true love is hard to find. and i observe those that come with good intentions are the ones that ladies reject. Why?


Zee Abdul Nov 21, 09:09 PM
I think you just haven't found the right person yet, there is a female out there like you who is also looking for what you want. There is a matchmaking section under this platform you can give it a try and see https://matchmaker.arewaup.com It has worked for some. Wish you all the best.
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Fauziyya Isa Hassan Dec 19, 08:19 AM
Being kind, too much caring or being emotional is not wrong in a relationship, nor is true love hard to find ... You're just being with the wrong ones until you find the wright one... I often ask myself the same question, that's if true love still exist... Guess its time
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Muhammad s. Ibrahim Dec 19, 04:40 PM

You're right, i have been with the wrong ones. True does exist is just that its hard to find or the good ones find it hard to find true love.... Allah ya hada mu da mata/maza nagari.
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Jidderth Dec 25, 06:32 PM
Same thing happens to me I feel like I can’t trust any guy again honestly men teach me a lot of lesson ever that I will not forget good men are hard to find in dis era
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Fauziyya Isa Hassan Dec 26, 04:08 PM

Sosai kam, mine too is an awful experience
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Muhammad s. Ibrahim Dec 26, 05:36 PM

With constant prayers everything is possible, its just a matter of time, someone someday ll come and ll treat you just as you ever want inshaAllah, Allah yasa mu dace.
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Yousuf May 7, 03:20 PM

Alright. But I don't seem to be getting requests or even response for requests @matchmaker. Does it mean everyone just registered and never cared login in to check ? ☺
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