Should i do it? she's tempting me
Hamis Ahmad Aug 8, 12:32 AM

Should i do it? she's tempting me 4

I have a christian class mate that shows interest in me for the past 7 month. she looks good and has a sexy body. we became normal friends until one day we talked about sex on chat and she said she wants do it and with me. i was surprised, she even sent me her nudes i masturbated that night and kept on thinking about her and sex always, if we meet in school she would be giving me hints and we touch each other. i just don't know what to do and i feel like i can't hold it wallahi if i'm with her har erection ina samu. should i do it please maybe Allah would forgive me later if i do tawbah? how bad is it to do Zina? because naji ance Allah yana yafe every sin banda shirk. i feel like i can't control the feeling anymore its affecting my studies please tell me your opinions thank you.


Khadija Aug 8, 07:51 AM
I have a question, didn't u feel irritated touching an unbeliever? Learn how to control ur feelings, u are digging ur grave 🙁
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Ibrahim salis Aug 8, 09:39 AM
If I was you, I would do it when men are out there commiting rape to satisfy their sweet desire you have it at your doorstep for free Kuma kana wasa. it's hard for a man to reject a woman for sex fa leave that for the sheikh's and ustazs. As a healthy guy wallahi zan yi a wuce wajen. Kai kasan dadin abin kuwa?
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Anonymous #1 Aug 8, 10:30 AM

Subhanallah. This is very wrong. Wllhy zina is a very sinful thing. Google abt zina and see for self, or ask people around you the consequences of zina. I will advise you get marry or stay away from her.
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Bng Aug 8, 11:01 AM

Mutum ceh, an ma he should, ko da musulma ceh, or whatever he shoul feel irritated touchin a non muharram
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Bng Aug 8, 11:03 AM

What is wrong with you? Are you supporting zinah? Are you supporting going against Allah? Ignoring Allah’s warnings wai kai ba ustaz bane, with a childish excuse wai others are doing rape?? If you die now what will u tell Allah?? Ko dai abokin shiga wuta kake nema neh
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Ibrahim salis Aug 8, 11:04 AM

well, se dai kayi feeling it's not good amma not irritated se kace wani disgusting abu?
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Ibrahim salis Aug 8, 11:06 AM
Bng Aug 8, 11:08 AM
Brother la taqribu zina, Allah warned do not even come close to zinah, dts why you shouldn’t text or talk about it, send nudes or masturbate, islamically you have even crossed the line, talkless of going further, pls stay away from her, she is evil, she is inviting you to sin, to go against Allah, ita daman ba Allah ne a gaban ta ba, ita daman, ba maganar Aljannah, tunda ba musulma ba ce ba, kai kuma ta na dulmiyar da kai. Pls stay away. Dont, the repercussions are too many, ga babban zunibi, ga halaka, gashi in kai zinah wallahi sai anyi da y’ar ka ko kanwar ka. Ga fushin Allah, killa ma tana da wata cutar, tana so ta goga maka. Kana cewa zaka tuba idan ka mutu immediately after u finished fah? Pls calm the heck down and think, and seek for Allah’s forgiveness for the sins u already comitted by the previous things you did with her
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Deejangala Aug 8, 01:48 PM

Abun mamaki a duniya baya qarewa, so ustazai da sheikhs ne kadai suka san kare dokokin Allah. Ka dai ji tsoron Allah mutuwa akeyi every minute, those that died thought they had time left, what if after typing this trash dai dai nan Allah ya dau ranka, what will you then say? If you want to commit sins do so alone don't drag others down with you.
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Deejangala Aug 8, 01:52 PM
Avoid her like plague she's nothing but a fitnah to you, is this what you really want out of life? You've not seen anything yet concerning your studies because what will follow afterwards is greater than what you're experiencing now, you've come a long way don't throw it away now.
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Fatima Ubayo Aug 8, 02:20 PM
Please, control urself n pray. Don't try it. Just imagine if it was ur sister or daughter how will feel.. A part from that, Abunda Allah ya haramta kuma kasan haramun neh kayi intentionally?
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Bng Aug 8, 08:42 PM

Off course you should feel irritated, but how will someone like you understand, nd hell yeah it’s freaking disgusting, mutanen da ko tsarki ma basu da shi mtseww
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Bng Aug 8, 08:58 PM

Mmm haka neh, what do i know? I mean women don’t know the urge, nor the feeling, they only know its haram, a major sin who’s punishment is stonned to death or 100 lashes of cane, we only know that doing that is invoking Allah’s wrath, we only know that doing that is fitnah, and inviting STD’s we only fear Allah, subhanallah may Allah guide you smh
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Hindat Aug 11, 05:35 PM
Allah made mentioned in the holy Qur'an do not come close to zina. Meaning stay away from anything that might lead us to committing fornication like touching, seeing ,feeling and staying in a close place with a non muharram. Fear Allah and fear the day of reckoning. Wlh hell is real and who so ever commit any illegal act knowingly will account for it. Don't be carried away with the lust of this dunya, wlh if you commit zina the satisfaction is just for a while but you can never say that for the punishment of Allah. Stay away from her and fear your God if you are a true believer
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Khadija Aug 17, 06:53 PM

She is, have u ever met an unbeliever
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Abdul_ak Aug 19, 09:48 PM
Nonsense. You a disgrace to manhood. Just do it you fag.
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Hamis Ahmad Aug 21, 10:29 PM
Thank you all for those that gave me sensible replies, i am already trying to avoid her by all means, please pray for me to be able to overcome this fitnah.
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Ameena Aug 28, 04:10 PM
You should stay away from her. Zinnah is a major sin walahi. And with a non believer. Get closer to Allah Pray as muchh as possible believe me Allah will listen to you. Stay away from her as far as possible. Its a very big sinn
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Anonymous #2 Mar 3, 06:10 PM

A'uzubillah. Kaji tsoron Allah. Nd do u know that if he fornicates u have an equal punishment to his vuz u told him to do so?. All Sunni schools of jurisprudence agree that zināʾ is to be punished with stoning to death if the offender is a free, adult, married or previously married Muslim (muhsan). Persons who are not muhsan (i.e. a slave, a minor, never married or non-Muslim) are punished for zināʾ with one hundred lashes in public. So my advuce to u dear brother is to ask Allah for forgivness nd continue to restrian urself
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Anonymous #2 Mar 3, 06:15 PM

U should be ashamed of urself. Nd u call urself a believer. Not everyone is perfect we each have a sin or two nd u are here advicing a brother to fornicate instead of telling him to restrian his desires. A'uzubillah. May Allah protect us from evil pple like u.
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Anonymous #4 Aug 13, 11:08 AM
Allah ya tsare
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Hafsah musa Sep 9, 07:51 AM
Wa iyazubillah this is very very wrong what if you don’t live long to repent? What if you die at the moment? Me zaka cewa Allah we all don’t know when our time will come zaka iya zuwa da intention din yi kafin kayi ma Allah ya dauki ranka kuma wlhy sai Allah ya tambaye ka Plz think about this how will you feel ace wani ne zai yima kanwar ka ko yayar ka ko yarka haka?
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