Family palava
Anonymous May 4, 03:03 PM

Family palava 2

It's still on the marriage issues let me share my experience, i came home from school some months ago i don't know why my dad's side of the family feel i don't have a suitor already so they've been matching me with possible suitors from the family (see me see wahala) and it's not as if we are all in good terms i just dey look them. I don't understand why it's a crime to be at home after graduation it's not as if I'm in their house i dey my papa house dey mind my business but people won't let me be.


Phartymerh May 4, 05:12 PM
pls don't let anyone chose or tell you who to marry, that's something personal and people shouldn't even cross that bountdry in the first place. if they think the suitor is really good let them marry him or give him to their daughters. shirme kawai
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Abbakar rufa May 4, 05:53 PM
Amma kin san dai the earlier kika yi aure the better
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Anonymous May 5, 08:03 AM

Ai ba cewa nayi bazanyi auren ba i have a suitor already... They are trying to use tribalism as an excuse and i won't have it.
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Ayesha audu May 5, 08:30 AM

I thought we have passed those ages of tribalism BS, I know it's still in some of our parents generation mentality. For me I can even marry from outside my race it should be no one's business. my life my rules.
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Phartymerh May 5, 09:05 AM

it's people of your type that will force your daughter into marriage dan ka rufa Mata Asiri.
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Ibrahim salis May 5, 09:51 AM

i don't see anything wrong in putting a girl into forced marriage because female was created from male to satisfy him and be with him kuma zata samu lada. so idan ma forced marriage ne se dai tayi hakuri to fulfill her duty in this world and Allah will reward her that's my opinion.
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Anonymous May 5, 01:02 PM

I am not marrying someone to fulfill my parent's wish, i am marrying for my happiness and because i feel comfortable with the person, tun zamanin kakanninmu aka daina forced marriage if you feel you can force yourself on a girl to marry you toh that is completely your business, i cannot live miserably for my family. I don't like you i don't like shikenan magana taqare go back to the teachings of the prophet and find out whether he encouraged forced marriage HE DIDN'T.
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Zeeha May 5, 03:51 PM

Well said! Sai kiji ance ai idan anyi auren they will start loving each other...I seriously don't believe in this mentality. Please don't ruin your life by getting married under pressure. Allah's time is the perfect timing never too late never too early!
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Ayesha audu May 5, 04:03 PM

I'm telling you it's like bringing me food I don't like and saying if you start eating it'll be your favorite. unfortunately some fall into the trap.
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Mr. Aulaz May 6, 08:17 PM
From these comments, ladies are beginning to know their rights and value
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Anonymous #1 May 12, 02:56 AM
Exactly my problem, Ni basu faramun match making bah but considering nina rage nd there's this problem with my elder sis which they're afraid I might end up being at home too tou Ni abun nabatamun rai wlh . Oh God! 😥
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Anonymous #1 May 12, 02:59 AM

Yes d earlier d better tou Amma akwae responsible saurayin da that is ready to settle down mazanne are giving us headache no matter how trustworthy u're. so frustrating wlh
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Amraah Sep 3, 07:20 PM

well that's your opinion. But Alhamdulillah for Islam that has protected the rights of women. A marriage without the consent of the lady is wrong and invalid. I am glad you are not responsible for making Islamic laws.
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