he wants us to get married but i feel he is young
Anonymous Oct 3, 03:53 PM

he wants us to get married but i feel he is young 0

my correct boyfriend is just 24 while I am 21, he love me so much and I love him too, he is 24 but he act 30s he is very matured honestly, he is working and receiving good salary, he spend for me as well but my problem now is that he want us to marry soon and I am feeling like he is very young to marry gaskiya and I don't want to loose him


Baby girl Oct 3, 04:07 PM
sae ki fada masa kice gaskiya kina ganin kamar be isa aure ba , ya dan jira ya kara girma ya miki yaro a yanxu
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Anonymous #1 Oct 3, 04:26 PM
it's better you agree and get marry soon since you love him, and you even said he's very matured, if not Kuma xakiji ankai tambaya wani gida, infact wajen yarinyar dataga bae Mata yaroba
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Ahmad Aysha Oct 3, 04:36 PM
U said he is mature bah, biko since you love him agree, if not am not wishing bad for you will regret it. But apart from yayi yaro akwai wanni matsalane? If not please don't lose him
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AnDex_Blaq Oct 3, 05:10 PM
If there is no problem apart from his age, you should go ahead.
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Anonymous Oct 3, 07:08 PM

so u mean his age is normal and he can marry?
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AnDex_Blaq Oct 3, 07:16 PM

Age is not a problem, I’ve seen 20yrs got married and 8yrs now their marriage is fine Alhamdulillah, and then seen a 35+ Man marry and he couldn’t keep his home just after a year and vice versa. Lots of more important things to be considered and age isn’t one (as long as both of them are adults and both consented to the marriage). I myself prefer marrying my age mate or someone older than me with a year or two. Age doesn’t define marriage, we got important stuffs like parenting, deen, financial compatibility, shared interests, ways of resoluting conflicts whenever it arises in the marriage, shared responsibilities, family values, emotional support, trust, intimacy and long term visions of both couples, this are what should be an intending couples priority not age.
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AnDex_Blaq Oct 3, 07:35 PM

Please make due checks and all, if you guys are good to go, Go live your life full of albarka afterall you said the guy acts matured which normally a 24yrs should be. And reach all necessary agreements with him before you both get committed into marriage.
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Anonymous Oct 3, 07:37 PM
I just don't want to loose him honestly and she is the only thing that is kind of discouraging me from marrying him, he always encourages me do Monday and Thursday fasting and when ever I complain to him about anything disturbing me he will advise me to keep up to my dua's, like he really do encourage me about deen and that is the kind of partner I have been praying for
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AnDex_Blaq Oct 3, 07:44 PM

You’re welcome, all the best in your endeavors.
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Baby girl Oct 3, 10:00 PM

to ai abinda ke ranta kenan
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Abu-Bakr Oct 3, 10:11 PM

Gsky fa kawai ta fito fili ta Fadi mai
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Musa Abdullahi Oct 3, 10:58 PM
tell him to go and look for another girl while you go and look for an elder, don't stress us pls
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Al-ameen Abdullah Oct 3, 11:14 PM
kawai mallama zancen gsky kinajin zaki yaudareshi ne lkcn da yake kashe miki kudi da kulawa duk bakigane yaro bane saida yazo da maganar aure Kuma kikace dabi,unsa irin na manya Amma duk da haka bai tsira b
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Baby girl Oct 4, 08:58 AM

hhhhh abin haushi ne mana face yana d hankali sosai , he is ready to get married, suna son junan su sosai, yasan ya kamata, toh me kuma take nema da zata ys mata yaro? ai ba shekaaru ne kesa hankali ba
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Baby girl Oct 4, 09:00 AM

shine ai wai yaro sae d sukagama shan soyayyar tasu taci kudinsa sannan ta gane yaro ne
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Safiyyah humairah Oct 4, 09:34 AM
Marriage is not all about age It is about getting the best partner Thank Allah you've gotten a good partner and keep praying then In Sha Allah nothing will happen They are some people that are 30 or 35 but act irresponsible so if he is responsible and ready for marriage then Alhamdullilah Just keep praying and you guys will leave a happy and successful life ☺️
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Musa Abdullahi Oct 5, 09:04 AM

toh fa, in ma yaron ne ba zai girma ba kenan. Manzon Allah ya auri wanda ta girme shi kuma sun zauna lafiya. Kawai wata qila ba son shi da gaske take ba
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Abu-Bakr Oct 5, 10:59 AM

Hahaha 🤣😂😂 wlh ya funny wai taci kudinsa yayi adashi ba kwasa ba lada ba zunubi
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Maryam Alkali Oct 10, 08:59 AM
hmmmm ...better agree ohh if you really love each other if not you will end up regerting ur actions seriously
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Jibmosal Oct 14, 09:05 AM
if he is responsible and matured u can marry him pls
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Maryam Abdullahi 11361 May 21, 02:06 PM
Sis bar maganar shekaru mostly idan anabin shekaru u won't even get married,sabida haka think wisely coz he really love's u nd he is willing to spend the rest of his life with u so just 4get about the matter of age please
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