Salmarrh Oct 5, 08:22 PM

friendship 3

wai please how do people get to have so much friends abin na bani mamaki I literally don't have any friend to call mine and I promise u I am not a bad person Amma inayin kawa yau toh bamu a month plus shiknn se kuma muzama status viewers din juna abun yana ci min tuwo a kwarya wlh I really want to have friends 😢


Fatima Muhammad husain Oct 5, 08:55 PM
stop worry o😂 we de on the same table.....I don't have and I don't entertain them kawai I have friends in the name of having friends but not any serious friendships
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Anonymous #1 Oct 5, 09:59 PM

am here for you
reply 5
Salmarrh Oct 5, 10:08 PM

Thanks dear 😊
reply 4
Anonymous #2 Oct 5, 10:48 PM

Me too
reply 3
Salmarrh Oct 6, 10:49 AM

Thanks dear 😊
reply 3

I'm Aleeyu am here for you in every situation
reply 1
Salmarrh Oct 6, 11:20 AM

i want u to be my friend and abokiyar shawara plz
reply 3
Anonymous #2 Oct 6, 12:58 PM

It's my pleasure
reply 2
Salmarrh Oct 6, 01:12 PM

plz add me in whatsapp at 07066836244
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MARYAMmiimie Oct 6, 03:32 PM
We can be friends if you want
reply 3

i want dear
reply 0
Salmarrh Oct 6, 06:00 PM

yes sure 😍
reply 2
Deezahsule Oct 6, 06:36 PM

am here, I need one
reply 1
MARYAMmiimie Oct 6, 06:40 PM

Lol ok
reply 0
MARYAMmiimie Oct 6, 06:40 PM

Ok, your digits
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Maryam Goni Oct 6, 06:44 PM
mostly frnds na yanzu sai a hankali gaskiya...Allah ya baki nagari.
reply 4
MARYAMmiimie Oct 6, 08:55 PM

Na gani, you can delete it
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MARYAMmiimie Oct 6, 08:57 PM

Lol okay
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MARYAMmiimie Oct 6, 09:01 PM

Na yi saving, you can delete
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Abdurrahman Y Y Oct 6, 09:50 PM
Wallahy kin hutawa kanki
reply 2
Anonymous #1 Oct 7, 05:55 AM

drop ur contact
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Adama muhammad Oct 7, 06:17 AM
Am here fr u😊
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Salmarrh Oct 7, 06:22 AM

thanks dear 😊
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Adama muhammad Oct 7, 06:29 AM

share ur digit,dts if u interested
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Adama muhammad Oct 7, 06:32 AM

delete it
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Muhermmad Abdullahi Oct 8, 06:56 AM

I want, if there's available space
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