What brand of washing machine would you recommend I buy?
Anonymous Nov 23, 12:06 PM

What brand of washing machine would you recommend I buy? 0

pls what company of washing machine do you suggest I buy .. I hvnt bought it before so I want to buy but don't know the company I should buy..pls a very durable one jazakhallahu khairan


Anonymous #1 Nov 23, 12:38 PM
make I go chop tuwo first.πŸƒ
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Arewa Up Nov 23, 12:47 PM
For full automatic I have been using thermercool for a while and its Good, over 1 year now. LG washing machines are also Good
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Anonymous #2 Nov 23, 03:06 PM
LG washing machine is the best. But yana rena wuta. Thermercool is also good. I can say the second after the LG product.
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Hafsat mustapha Nov 23, 04:05 PM
scanfrost, Samsung I know pple using dis product ND s good
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Sadic Nov 23, 10:39 PM
If you can afford LG Automatic is better
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Basri Nov 24, 05:24 PM
LG but not rubber one I mean the big one which can wash $ dry at a time
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