Why is it that working class guys like me only meet idle ladies
Anonymous Nov 10, 10:13 PM

Why is it that working class guys like me only meet idle ladies 0

I find it hard to understand why ladies that don't work or do business or have money wants to get married? how will they help the husband in the home?? I will rather marry a good lady who is hardworking and ambitious


Nasssss9 Nov 10, 10:26 PM
Some ladies nowadays are only after rich and successful men, and i mean most not all, if you look at what is trending this days, ladies falling for people based on looks or snaps with big cars or fine houses, what they don't understand is that most of this people are fake. Good men don't need to always post there pics on social media..there are good men out there
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Pharteemah saeed Nov 10, 10:57 PM
I guess choice defers ,some guys really prefer dat kinda ladies while some don't,and to me also I see no reason why ladies won't work or have their source of income if not for the husband's seek let it be for ur self,kids parents and other needy ,please ladies stop relaying on guys income
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Fatima Muhammad husain Nov 10, 10:58 PM
are we all destined to be successful? go for who you want let the unsuccessful ones wait for their own too....this is similar to a previous post that a man said he wants a housewife who will be committed to just her home and her family. so am not surprised with ur own request cause ik one day the opposite too will come out one day, like dis as I de now I no de do school because I wan work I just de school......I want to be a full housewife as long as my man is providing I don't care o why will I be stressing myself when i can just be at home and have everything and anything that I need abeg I no like wahala.
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Anonymous Nov 11, 05:17 PM

Work and successful is totally different things. you're just lazy and don't see value in your self that's all. I wonder how you'll raise your kids, Allah forbid that I marry someone like you
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Anonymous Nov 11, 05:18 PM

lol πŸ˜‚ I hope when he marries other ambitious women too you won't complain
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Anonymous #1 Nov 11, 06:07 PM

u guys should understand we all have our dreams we all ain't the same
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Fatima Muhammad husain Nov 11, 06:09 PM
Allah forbid I see a man with a heart like yours and u have no right to tell me this rubbish just because I openly said my mind, is it not the same men that comes to the bloggers DM and say malama pls hide my ID my wife is too busy and occupied with her work that she doesn't have time for me and the family abi no be una? u better watch whatever u are saying if u don't have anything better to say it's better u shut off and delete ur post cause am sure u wrote the post
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Anonymous Nov 11, 06:19 PM

Jobless people can also be occupied with a tonne of stuff that takes their attention away from their family, say something else this your argument doesn't follow
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Anonymous Nov 11, 06:21 PM

unless you think this is directed at you but why would you flair up? stray bullet? well at the end we all make our choices. i pity your spouses and kids
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Fatima Muhammad husain Nov 11, 06:21 PM

enough of being anonymous suna na Fatima, besides just because I don't want to go out and work but rather just own a business at home doesn't define me being lazy, alot of women are making money at home must I go out the sun before u call me a working class lady.....I de my own jeje on this app and I didn't mention anything bad to u on ur post so pls reserve whatever u have as long as it's not something good...
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Anonymous Nov 11, 06:24 PM

Business at home or Business outside are the same, my argument is woman should at least add something and support their spouses. you don't understand my point but you are quick to reply
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Anonymous Nov 11, 06:35 PM

lol πŸ˜‚ coming from a believer
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Anonymous Nov 11, 06:40 PM

Some of you are just unnecessarily rude, I wonder how you relate with people in real life
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Fatima Muhammad husain Nov 11, 06:44 PM

imagine u started everything and u are calling someone rudeπŸ™„ oga I didn't jump into conclusion without understanding u.... actually u judged me wrong just because I said I don't want to work but be at home sai kafara gaya mun magana don Kai Mr perfect ne ko
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Fatima Muhammad husain Nov 11, 06:47 PM

call me rude call me an unbeliever sef duk Kai na dama tunda ba Kai nake bawta wa ba just be a good man to a lady respect a woman, just because I said my mind u can't start calling me names kana sister kuwa? cause if u did u wouldn't be this rude go bk and learn how to treat a lady.....this is simple fa u could just tell me to change my mindset or something else in a nice manner shikenan fa Amma sai ka fara che mun am lazy husband this kids this family thisπŸ™„oga for what
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Fatima Muhammad husain Nov 11, 06:48 PM

vise versa πŸ™„if he had understood me this way ma da sauki kowa da rayuwar sa and what happens to those that are graduates but ba government work kuma ba business din fa....should they be called lazy
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Nasssss9 Nov 11, 07:45 PM

Tor madam u only said what u wanted, but i said most women, kuma ba karya na fada ba ai,, abinda ke faruwa ne, kuma im not trying to rude please im jst trying to advice the whole house, we are here to help each other, im deeply sorry if i offend you
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Nasssss9 Nov 11, 07:55 PM

Madame i didn't call you lazy go and re-read wat i said, i don't owe any apology, im jst being nice bcos u said i said something bad to you and i already apologized, Im sorry once again
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Anonymous Nov 11, 07:57 PM

He didn't say that, I called you lazy not him, I pray not to marry your kind not him. I stand on that, quit accusing other people of what I said.
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