my man stop showig concern about me
Anonymous Nov 5, 10:18 PM

my man stop showig concern about me 1

my man accused me lying to him after showing him my chat and asked me to leave him alone nd be with who ever o want to be with on my birthday he didn't wishe me he stpos calling me nd now he's having a Beaty


Anonymous #1 Nov 5, 11:25 PM
What is a beaty?
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Anonymous #5 Nov 6, 07:21 AM
what did he see in your chats?
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Anonymous #4 Nov 6, 09:08 AM
let's kn what he see in ur chat first, bfr we advise u on what to do or how to go abt it
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Anonymous Nov 6, 09:44 AM

Besty Female girlfriend
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Anonymous #2 Nov 6, 12:28 PM

your confusing our confusion once again. you mean he now have a besty or what?
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Anonymous #3 Nov 6, 12:53 PM

yes that is her point, he has a female besty
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Anonymous Nov 6, 03:11 PM

yh he have a female besty
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Abubakar Usman Nov 6, 04:49 PM
there is a lot more you can do to improve yourself than showing a ma concern when he don’t want is… calm down and pray… Allah ya taimaka
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Anonymous Nov 6, 04:59 PM

ok so he asked why are my pending chats 91 so I said o don't like replying to people chats nd I have many groups he said ok is fine then in the morning he just send me a massage shi bai son mace da taşan kowa kowa ya Santa then I said ya Bari I'll screen record my chats nd show him nayi na tura yace shi be yada ba wai na göğe Numbers din mutane sanan nace bankı dadı ba abun ya bata men rai kawai yace shi Ida. shine ko an karyata shi baze ji Komi ba so continue started arguing ya bani haushi nace eh nayi mutane din sai yace tho inyita biya wanda dük ya zanbi shi kuma in kyale shi so we stopped talking for some days I mistakenly send emoji to him so I deleted it he asked why am o ignoring nace no am not ignoring him the next morning he send me a message and later on deleted it all so we stopped talking completely I expected him to wish me happy birthday on my birthday but he didn't do anything nd even now we are talking he doesn't care he only care about his besty
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Anonymous #1 Nov 6, 11:27 PM

Oh. Should have guessed.
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Anonymous #1 Nov 6, 11:35 PM

Well, if all you said is exactly as it happened then it seems he has lost interest in you. You too you've seen the signs you're just turning a blind eye. You said it yourself he doesn't care about you but his besty. Aunty give yourself a rest, focus on what is important in your life and leave relationship for when you meet the one that knows and sees your worth.
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Anonymous Nov 7, 12:23 AM
N3utr4list Nov 8, 10:07 PM

two years you would have had a diploma in dating. kyale shi. I have multiple female friends but that didn't stop me from talking and showing concern when necessary. ke ma you get your own for your body. da ki bashi hakuri and make him feel like a man, you went ahead to argue. now fa. mace ke neman bamiji. in ya rabu fake, gobe ya hadu da wata, completely different from you . ki ba zuciyarki hakuri Kuma ki gyara haleyan ki. most especially saurin fushi and sake baki
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Anonymous #1 Nov 9, 01:19 AM

Two years is not just o. It's enough time for both of you to understand each other. Duk da dai ba a taɓa sanin halin mutum completely sai an zauna da shi waje ɗaya. But still you get to understand the kind of person one is. So you must have known him to some extent and he too knows you to a certain level. You might have done thingss whether justified or not, whether right or wrong that made him lost interest (cos clearly he has lost interest). Wallahu a'alam. We can't know for sure to advice you properly since we've only heard one side of the story.
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