Why it's harder for ladies to get husbands.
Zaaaraah Oct 13, 12:58 AM

Why it's harder for ladies to get husbands. 1

Salam alaikum, This topic was discussed on Instagram recently by Mr. Khaleeepha and some other brothers and sisters. Some people were just discussing about rawan ido, having expectations and other reasons.This is my take on it. MATA! Mu kama kan mu dan Allah. Wallahi we are too loose now adays all in the name of wanting and keeping a man. Have "standards" and i mean modesty and kama kai. A guy will start chatting u up and suddenly, you're in love, he'll request for nudes, ki tura, start dirty talks, phone sex etc.. ku hadu, ya shafa ki, some sex right away.. please how will the men want to settle down with us. They are also sceptical about finding a good wife (as if they haven't done their part of the sin). *Note* There is literally nothing you'll do to keep a man, he will leave you when he feels like it. Then we think Allah zai barmu ba punishment. How about the other ladies that are pious and want to settle down amma mun bata masu kasuwa? I believe if men are starved of any physical contact b4 marriage, they would make more efforts in getting married. We keep saying ba maza, lol. There are alot out there. We are feeding them. WHY GET THE COW WHEN THEY GET THE MILK FOR FREE? Please let's ammend our ways. Salam


Jamilu Musa Haruna Oct 15, 04:24 PM
U ar absolutely right πŸ’― may Allah protect us πŸ‘
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Deejangala Oct 15, 07:19 PM
Well said
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Bibi Dec 6, 02:05 AM
Barakallaahu feek.....this days in kin kaama kai baki sakewa da wasa da maza, sai ace kina da girman kai, ko ke 'yar qauyece, ko kina tsanantawa a addini. Does it mean mace bazatayi kishin kanta kamar yadda addini yayi encouraging ba! It's frustrating to see that abunda Allah yayi encouraging dinmu dashi wai shi mutane suke kallo as strange and qauyanci, har mocking mai hijab akeyi wai za'aga yadda zata samu miji! ISA Allah bazai kunyata mu ba. Allah ya tabbatar mana da alkhairinsa.
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Zaaaraah Dec 6, 02:42 AM

Amin ya rabbi. You're totally right. Sai sun gama iskancin da zasu yi su ce suna neman matan aure with tarbiyya and kamun kai. Someone once told me in bana sake jiki da maza bazan samu mijin aure ba, my reply to him was I'd die single then maybe hanyar aljanna ta kenan. It's all about standards, set them and stick by them. Insha Allah we'll be rewarded. At the end of the day, we shall reap what we sow.
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Abdullahi hdj Dec 10, 01:43 PM

Masha Allah, Allah yabaku Mazaje nagari wandanda Zasu rikeku da gaskiya da amana.
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Anonymous #1 Dec 10, 02:25 PM

Abin takaici ma shine wai dan mutun na Sanya hijabi that they'll think you are married, just imagine that nonsense just trying to brainwash us.
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Anonymous #1 Dec 10, 02:31 PM

Imagine that nonsense wai sake jiki hmm, that is how you'll know the bad guys ai. it's all about standards gaskiya. May Allah reward us all in abundance for what we patiently endured ameen
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Layla barkindo Mar 2, 09:18 PM
Masha Allah ,u are right .Allah ka dada shirya mu Akan tafarkin Addinin musulunci πŸ™πŸ™.
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