How to stop my girlfriend from marrying another man
Anonymous Nov 4, 08:27 PM

How to stop my girlfriend from marrying another man 1

My girl of 2yrs is engaged to another man and they have fixed the wedding date. My girlfriend regrets telling the man to come see her parents. She wants to end it. Please what is the best to stop the marriage from taking place. Thanks


Idris mu'awiya Nov 4, 08:42 PM
Just go and give a false info about him to her parents and if she sincerely love u she will declare him and accept u to be the man
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Anonymous Nov 4, 09:00 PM

Thanks for your input, in islam false witness or statement is a gravious sin which I don't want to commit. Do u think it's a good idea if I call the husband to be personally?
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Sgabdo Nov 4, 09:28 PM
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Mashkur wali Nov 4, 10:19 PM
Babu kyau nema acikin nema,kuma karka kuskura Ka bata sunansa agun iyayenta wai Dan ka aureta, hakki sai ya bika wlh,kayi addu'a kawai Ka nema a gun Allah in alkhairi ceh gareka Thom,inba alkhairi bace Allah y musanya maka
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Anonymous #1 Nov 4, 11:54 PM
I think she's the one that present the guy to her parents in the first place. at same time if she's truly care about you she will definitely find a way to disconnect the marriage plan by herself. she has many options the way to handle the issue. let her start by influence her mother the reason why she don't want to marry the guy. I don't advice you to do the work let her do it by herself.
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Anonymous #4 Nov 5, 01:28 AM
wannan ta raina ma wayo ne kawai fa. ka share ta kawai ka nemi wata
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Zee Abdul Nov 5, 07:16 AM

Yes, don't listen to anyone that tells you to lie or slander, it is a horrible thing. I don't think this is a good idea, its up to her to talk to her parents about wanting him or not, because it is with her consent that they got engaged. So let her solve what she started, else you will just look like a punk
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Anonymous #2 Nov 5, 07:50 PM

Noi? 😂
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Anonymous Nov 6, 09:57 PM

What does Noi mean??
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