how do i know if my boyfriend is not wasting my time
Anonymous Apr 23, 11:16 PM

how do i know if my boyfriend is not wasting my time 0

slm pls advice me Nagari da saurayina 4month ago I love him and I think he loves me too but am not too sure about his love for me reason why i said so is he has promised me 3times and he failed he promised to come to our house yagaida mom 2times bezoba this last one abin yatabani but he called mutan gida to apologize for not showing up bcos wai bashida lafiya I have asked him several times does he loves me and he always says yes that idan yanada niyan yaudarane bazamu dadeba dayawuce but wlhi am not still convince bcos he hasn't shown any sort of seriousness yanda koh agida za asani mind u wai if he is coming he is coming alone without any of his frnd and I asked why is he coming alone wai he want privacy koh annabi yace kaboye nemanka da samunka..but am not still convince bcos kaman blue niyake my mind is telling me am not the one he wants to marry yanadai kulani ne kawai tunda shiya kawo kanshi amma he has not made up his mind on me Bana rokan saurayi Abu saboda mutumci na shida kansa zaiyi promising Abu kuma bazeyiba ahakan kuma yace I should be telling him idan inason Abu yarinka siyamin but I never did that pls how do I manage him do u think I should sit him down and talk to him if he is not serious yakama gabanshi koh koh I should just leave it to flow Yadda yayi Dani pls advice me and I don't want to look desperate to him ngd


Nasir Ahmed Apr 24, 01:02 PM
Red flags all over! I see know reason why he hasn't met your mom yet if sincerely he wants to marry you, but let's give him a benefit of doubt regarding his sickness Do you guys ever discuss about marriage, if yes, then that indicates he has intention to marry you. Tell him to pick a specific date, unfailingly this time around to come see yr mom. If not, then break up the relationship and save yr time pls If you guys have never discussed about marriage, then bring it up and ask him to define yr relationship bcos you are not getting younger or yr mom told you to bring a suitor hone. If he develops cold feet and acts reluctant, then move on pls Failing to meet yr mother on 3 occasions sound fishy, but let's not conclude. If he is serious about, tell him he most pick a day to introduce himself to yr mom or you leave the relationship I'll wait for your feedback pls
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Anon 123 May 4, 10:27 PM

Ahhh 😂 you have said your part sir🫢
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