im realy sad
Anonymous Dec 31, 01:08 AM

im realy sad 0

regarding my ex I really miss him so much more than anything I really want things to work out but I don't think it's possible since he's dating someone else already Wlh I love him more than anything in this life .I really go back to our old chat everyday.I know a made a mistake but I was just been childish but I never pushing him . I find it Hard at Point Thats things weren't good on me and he might I was pushing him away Wlh but I love him more than anything 🤧🤧 pls I need your prayers 🤧🥺


Anonymous #3 Dec 31, 01:54 AM
I hope you’re not the same person who told his ex he could find another person and now you’re regretting? I’m in the same boat with my fiancee and she said exactly the same thing, I smiled. I hope she regrets her actions just like you’re now. One man’s food another poison.
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Anonymous #3 Dec 31, 06:24 AM

Understood! So what do you need help with? How old are you? I'm looking for someone to marry too.
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Anonymous #1 Dec 31, 08:07 AM
turn to Allah your solution is there. and kuma I will advice you to delete all his pictures, message and anything related to him. because It will be best way to forget about him easily. if you can't do that I don't think you can forget him.. ......... definitely it will keep hurting you
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Anonymous #2 Dec 31, 05:44 PM
I've been in your situation months back, do you know what I did ? I fought for her. I ended things but after a while I realized I made a mistake . She traveled to a far away state, I was beyond miserable. I traveled down there to surprise her. She couldn't believe it. We still loved each other , we've rekindled our relationship. I have to say the relationship is much much more better than before . There's no rule regarding relationship, you can break up , realize your mistake and still make things work and be better than before . Go for him if he's worth the try . Let me know if you need help with it
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Anonymous #1 Dec 31, 05:46 PM

of course you can. If you are thinking that you will able to control all your emotions and all your thoughts then trust me, you are thinking of the impossible. As much as you're trying to get out of this relationship, understand that certain things never have to be pushed. You don't have to fill your heart with hatred or anger for them. Forgetting the love you have for someone doesn't have anything to do with bitterness. Don't focus on the thought of forgetting this person. Focus on yourself, focus on everything that you'd want to accomplish. Fall in love with something else. If you're always occupied with their thoughts, focus on something that makes you happy. Something that brings the best out of you. Focus on doing something that will nourish your soul and occupy all the space that makes you feel sad about your past. Know that it's okay to grieve but it's not okay to stop living because of one person or one reason. Stop comparing your life to that of your ex. Instead just continue living. Life doesn't wait for anyone. Stop torturing yourself by looking at their social media I'd, post, their messages or their pictures. Take your time to detach from stalking their I'd. You're allowed to block them. You're allowed to never contact them and just walk away from it like nothing happened. Remember that you can't heal if you continue touching your wounds. Make time for the people who really love being around you, this includes your friends and all your family members or someone else with whom you're comfortable. Go out with your friends and enjoy this moment of your life. Engage yourself with people who make you feel loved. Pour the love you had for your ex on the people who love you back. Reconnect with your old friends and remember your friends won't take you for granted. During this time, stop thinking about love or marriage or starting a family. You can't unlove someone by jumping to someone else. Instead, focus on being you, focus on your studies or job, focus on yourself, have time to understand what you want in the future, understand and set your bar because you'd never want a future partner with similar traits as your ex. Focus on your growth. It's a good time to start hitting the gym and training yourself in better habits. Now that your ex is gone, accept that you're now alone. Self acceptance is really essential before you jump into any relationship. Forgive and let go of any toxic emotions that have been in your heart for a long time. You don't have to receive an apology for you to forgive anyone. Forgivness is key to self love. Don't make yourself feel bad about things that happened in the past. The past is gone, don't live in it.
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Anonymous Dec 31, 05:52 PM

I dont It's going to work out Neh because he has another in the picture that's why I don't want to go back and spoil everything for him but I was ready to make things work but Allah knows the reason why this happened 💔
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Hassana harun Jan 1, 12:29 AM
same here he is even married and he didn’t even tell me he was getting married to another,I just saw his frnds posting his invite
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Deejarhmarh Jan 1, 12:05 PM

You have said it all dear sister. A man Islamically has the right to marry 4 wives. Your exact scenario is the same thing that happened between my brother and his girlfriend. He did biyayya and got married 2 weeks now, he still loves his ex girlfriend and would wish to go back to her. What I m trying to make you understand is that, sometimes you don't have a choice but letting go of people you love, and with time you will understand that, it was the best decision you have ever made. Plus that is why it is advisable to do istikhara and pray a lot as regards to issues like this. Another thing is, when you were dating him, were your parents involved? When we date in Islamical ways, a lot of heartaches are avoided.
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Anonymous #1 Jan 17, 02:11 AM
Hassana harun Jan 17, 05:31 AM

Not yet ,I do ont even know where to start from
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Anonymous #1 Jan 17, 08:36 AM

ayyah it won't be easy, you need someone to cherish, admire you and to make you forget your memory. because you isolated your feelings. you have to open your mind for others. I know isn't easy, I don't know, if you are ready to give a trial ?
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