What do ladies mean by "Financial stability" in men??
Anonymous Mar 10, 05:06 AM

What do ladies mean by "Financial stability" in men?? 1

Can we get opinion of ladies on what they mean by man who's financial stable. Is a hustler or self employed man financially stable? What's that financial stability about or what level of income comes under it?


Jameelat Suraj Mar 10, 08:43 PM
A person who has a standable income either working class or bussiness man someone who can provide for his family
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Anonymous #1 Mar 10, 09:28 PM
A hustler or self employed can be financial stable as long as the venture he's into is stable meaning, he's not managing but has gone far in it kuma already he's making a good amount from it. Not someone that just started hustling wanda be tara komai ba.
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Phartymerh Mar 10, 10:24 PM
whether business or salary. An average monthly income of 1. Without Kids just you and your wife: 100k at least 2. 1 wife With Kids: 150k at least. 3. 2 wives and kids: 300k 4. 3 wives with kids: 450k 5. 4 wives with kids: 600k For every wife with kids 150k should be allocated. without kids 100k. Thats the formula.
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Anonymous #2 Mar 11, 10:38 AM
To say a man is financially stable is for that man to be able to fend for himself and his family without any obstacle... Also in case of any emergency for money at anytime he'll be able to provide solution..
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Mr. Aulaz Mar 13, 09:17 AM
Abdullahi hdj Mar 15, 11:08 AM
Mohammad Tijjani Mar 21, 07:55 AM

Pls note that a lot of ppl are working and still underpayed while some are in business and yet making less than the average income. Managing is key in present Nigeria. Financial stability in marriage context should simply mean being able to provide the basic needs for your family.
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Mohammad Tijjani Mar 21, 07:59 AM

This formula is not realistic in all context because a family's lifestyle largely determines how much money will cater for them. Some ppl earn above average and still not financial stable due to lifestyle choices.
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Ayesha audu Mar 21, 07:55 PM

Yes, i think she is referring to needs such as food, shelter and basic education ofcourse with few kids per woman. Lifestyle choices are wants such as vacation, special meals, fashion and so on there is no formula for that because it varies from one person to another but Generally speaking when it comes to needs I think her formula is realistic to some extent. If you have 4 wives and 2 kids per woman N600k would be enough for you to live averagely. Not in enjoyment and abundance but you can afford a basic needs comfortably
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MBSadah Apr 6, 01:01 AM

Ka ji wadda ta ke in touch with reality
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MBSadah Apr 6, 01:07 AM

Using Maslow's hierarchy of needs, define basic needs? B. Compare and contrast basic needs with abundance and enjoyment C. Discuss the impact of 600k in lifestyle choices in a generally speaking sense
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