i need an advice about my boyfriend ,i dont know what to do about it🥺🥺
Anonymous May 21, 07:24 AM

i need an advice about my boyfriend ,i dont know what to do about it🥺🥺 3

Assalamulaikum everyone, I have this boyfriend dan uwan mama ne Kuma da aure yake sona but the problem here is that he's married with 8kids Kuma ne am an undergraduate student 300lvl shi Kuma he's school dropped out ,thou he has been helping in school affairs but ama gsky he's not up to my standards Kuma salary din shi is not that enough da zai rike mata biyu but he insteaded that God is in control,ga problem din wife din shi bata son kishiya Duk matan da yake aure i don't know sakin sun yake or its her doing, 2nd wife din shi ta mutu,3rd wife Kuma tace ya sake ta that she doesn't wants to stay with him sbd 1st din ,yanzu problem din shine wai December zai tura Gidan mu ama am scared 😟, sbd idan yana gida no matter how many times I called him,he won't pick up sai ya fito gida zai kirani, shiyasa idan na tuna da mata sai inji I don't like him anymore sbd mata shi nada kishi sosai ,am scared entering this kind of family fah ,thou he is an hardworking man,wlhi he's very caring ga tausayi ga shi very cool but his wife is the problem, Kuma yana tsoron ta sosai .. should I allow him to send his parent ?? advice me


Anonymous #1 May 21, 07:27 AM
i advice you don't, be careful the decisions you make because you can't undo anything in life. The red flags are obvious.
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Zee Abdul May 21, 10:08 AM

exactly, why put yourself into a toxic Marriage that is obvious and you said he is not even financial capable of adding another wife. Be careful and think rationally
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MuhammadS May 21, 11:03 AM
you need to set some ground rules if you've finally decided to allow him, cos he needs to get his house in order before you come...
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Anonymous #2 May 21, 08:25 PM
Dear poster him not answering ur calls when his at home I feel its normal and abin daya kamata kenan yayi, if you were his wife you wouldn't want ur husband talking to another lady ah gaban ki sam ba daraja and it shows he has no respect for you. secondly maganan wai his second wife died wanan daga Allah ne(be at peace) and for the other divorcee, I can't really say it might be what he said hakane kuma it could be first wife ce ta fitar da ita amma still Allah ne yayi zata fita dan wlh duk shiga boka in har auren bai zo karse ba..bata isa bane. thirdly if his not financially stable karki ma fara yauwa...dan in har matarsa nada kishi and you love him and he does too then he should get u a different space, ya miki naki gidan so if his not financially stable gaskiya don't marry him.
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Dr A A May 24, 02:06 PM
rubutun naj yayi yawa turon numbers shi na jamai kunne kawai🌚
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