This is what i want in Marriage as a man
Anonymous Oct 4, 02:52 PM

This is what i want in Marriage as a man 2

I want a a full house wife that will cook, clean and take care of me as a routine while i go about my work/business. she must not attain a high educational level, i would not want someone with a masters or PhD as they can be a bit hard to control. I want my wife to be submissive and serve me like a king. Do what i say willingly while i will also play my own part to make sure i am good to her. I want to know if ladies find my expectations attractive or just say your opinions, i just need some validation please before i start scouting.


Ahmadu20 Oct 4, 03:08 PM
what you want is a maid not a wife, a wife is your partner, friend and soulmate
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Anonymous Oct 4, 03:18 PM

Really? a maid is suppose to be employed and paid, also you cannot expect a maid to take care of you and engage in other things that comes with Marriage. I want a woman as my wife that will render these services as her role
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Amina mandiya Oct 4, 03:30 PM
you are not asking for much,make sure you go for the right woman of your taste don’t let anyone make you feel like you as seeking for a maid . the thing here is in Islamic point of view your wife is responsible to take care of your house ,take care of you (as her husband)and your kids, safeguard your secrets and protect your wealth . but then Islam as a religion goes way beyond only that you see Islam view thing based on generation we are in world where your wife needs to be exposed (atleast be literate ) to take care of you , never expect a girl with no proper knowledge or yar qauye to be submissive to you ,if you think she’s being submissive then trust me from her side it’ll feel like you have imprisoned her .being a degree ,master or PhD holder doesn’t define a woman as feminist kaje ka Nemo gidan mutunci da tarbiya shine kawai . the truth is tarbiyar yaran ka ma indai da mara exposure ne to akwai damuwa . we are in 21st century buroda 😝 idan she has a family to support ita ma she has a life to life outside yours ,trust me if you love her and treat her right ko professor Emiratis ta zama she’ll forever respect you .
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Anonymous Oct 4, 04:39 PM

Yes, i partially agree with you and i like the points you raised, my reason for avoiding those with higher educational level is that, people in general that go for PhD or masters is because they aspire to have a career, issues will arise if i try to tame such type of person to be indoors for me, and it will be a waste on her side because after all she had gone through to get those certifications she will feel very reluctant to be a full house wife. I want someone that will love being a house wife, waiting for her husband to come home with some delicious food waiting on the table, i can leave my room disorganized and comeback to see it neat. that is just my preference in a woman and i will ensure i also be very good to her and support her within the premises i set for her. I believe the function of my future wife is to take care of her husband and home.
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Fatima Muhammad husain Oct 4, 04:56 PM

I don't see anything wrong in what he listed thou.....he just wants a wife that will be home everyday for his family duniya da fadi sai kuga yasamu, because you want to be a working class doesn't mean everyone has that opinion.....Amma de poster will she be into a home business at least de ingage in something while she's at home?
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Fatima Muhammad husain Oct 4, 04:57 PM
as long as her need will be fulfilled farillahi Daman mai zaman auren
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Anonymous Oct 4, 06:20 PM

why will i pay her? bayan zan dinga siyan kayan abinci and provide for her personal needs? ai ba me aiki bace da zan dinga biya every month.
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Amina mandiya Oct 4, 06:50 PM

why would you leave your room unorganized sbd kawai Kasan zata gyara ? I respect your opinion. You see there are lots of educated women that are ready to settle as full time house wives . Amma dai kayi kokari ka samu ma'abociya addini ,shine kadai zaayi mama yanda kake so wadda aka koya mata tarbiyar zaman aure da rayuwa .Allah baka ta gari
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Saadatu Haruna Oct 4, 07:05 PM

Yawwa my sister tunda dai full house wife yake so ba aiki zatayi ba so itama Tana da bukatun ta
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Anonymous Oct 4, 07:19 PM

I am not saying i will deliberately leave it unorganized, just giving an example dai irin i will not be worrying about house hold affairs, nasan she will take care of everything and make sure its in place. Ameen Thanks for the good words
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Anonymous Oct 4, 07:21 PM

zan dinga bata kudin kashewa ofcox but not in form of salary, to take care of the home and herself. and it would not be much kila 30k a wata haka, i will be buying most of the main things myself when she provides a list.
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Anonymous #1 Oct 4, 08:08 PM
I respect your choices. However, you should know that all a woman wants is for you to treat her right, she will have no reason to respect you weda a working class or full time house wife. Another point to note is you do not have to control a woman in order for her to respect you. I also think is a good thing you know career women intimidate you & u r saying it out loud rather than marry one and frustrate her.
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Nameerah20 Oct 4, 08:14 PM
I think there would be someone out there that can keep up to the task but please when choosing dont go to a career oriented lady and ask her to leave her career just to serve you.
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Abubakar Usman Oct 4, 08:56 PM
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Anonymous #2 Oct 4, 10:07 PM
hi. there’s nothing wrong da abnda kkeso. and i want the same oo,,how can i reach u?
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Hafsatu manga Oct 4, 10:55 PM
Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wabarakatuh,Allah yasa kaima zakayi mata adalchi ka zama Mai mata godiya Dan gaskiya matsalar sometimes mace tabi namiji da abinda yake so Kila after some years zaka iya cewa Kuma Wanda take aiki kake nema ko Kuma Wanda take da masters haka kasan dai halinku na Maza ko ache ai ta gidan ai bata waye ba zaka Kara aure,Allah ya baka ikon mata adalchi idan aka dache data gari Allah yayi Maka zabi da mafi alkhairi 🙏 idan zaka iya auren Yar sokoto wallahi I have someone for you duk yanda ka fada zata iya Maka fiye da wannan kawai dai ita Kuma mace che Mai son a nuna mata ana sonta asata da jiki kamar dai ku zama kawaye komai Amma tayi degree ita gaskia idan kana da bukatan ta zan hadaka da ita inshaa Allah,...Nagode Allah yasa a dache🙏
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Ayshatouh Oct 4, 11:12 PM
You're not asking for too much, there's nothing wrong with what you're asking but atleast you need someone with a proper knowledge to take care of you maybe a degree holder atleast ka samu dai me exposure indai ta fahimci ra'ayin ka there's nothing wrong with that
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Zainab sanusi Oct 5, 05:03 AM
is the king for me 😂
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Amsal100 Oct 5, 10:02 AM

I'm totally with you poster ka kyale irin waanan akwai mazajensu suma kaima a hankali zaka samu taka kuma a platform dinnan Don akwai nan gaba irinsu za a dinga nema kuma zasuyi kadan hanyar iyayenmu kenan shi yasa muka shaqu dasu sosai
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Shamsu Don Oct 5, 10:06 AM
Dear poster, i just came to inform you to stick to what you want, don't let anybody tell you otherwise, i have seen some of the comments which are quiet unfortunate. These women even forget they were created from men which their main purpose is to serve and please men, that is why Islamically the Jannah of a woman lies under her husband's feet but "Boko" da "wayewa" is making them think ba haka bane. In the Golden days women after marriage even use their husband's name as their surname to show you the status of a man in a woman's life is big and that of a master. that was when families were stable because women were playing their role correctly. please don't let anyone tell you that you need a maid or discourage your wish. in this modern age women are becoming something else even thinking they can compete with men instead of them to be humble and be good wives at home. Wish you all the best.
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Anonymous #3 Oct 5, 12:51 PM
At least you know what you really want.
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Kifayat isah Oct 5, 03:24 PM

you are totally of the point people like u treat women wrongly stop being a intruder and be a good relationship advicer and a good Muslim while commenting reason to the other side
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Ayesha audu Oct 5, 06:42 PM

Don't even bother responding to this guy, he is sick in the head, i did recognize the name because he made a post "How i feel about women" in this same Forum, you can search it to see how sick he really is.
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