how do you know when you've found "THE ONE"?
Anonymous Dec 31, 12:15 AM

how do you know when you've found "THE ONE"? 1

How do you know you've found "THE ONE"?. I mean that person you're willing to spend the rest of your life with, true love, does the word really exist?, and if it does how do you know you're "INLOVE"?? am i suppose to feel some type of way? butterflies and fireworks?? or is it just a normal regular feeling


Deejangala Jan 2, 09:26 PM
When you feel comfortable enough with that person and share everything with them, when you don't have to watch what you say because you know they won't judge and they'll understand you, when someone says their name you smile to yourself and your heart skips a beat, when they are all you think of, when you picture them in your future, when you always want the best for them. Ofcourse it has to be both ways.
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Rabi suleiman Dec 31, 10:08 PM
The first thing that comes is friendship. if you take that person as your best friend and you feel the emotion of "you can't loose him/her" and you have affection and admire that person. but most importantly he/she has the same towards you. That is when you find the one
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