I am having issues with Constant Urinating
Anonymous May 16, 12:26 AM

I am having issues with Constant Urinating 0

I am hoping to find the attention of a doctor here please. I don't have the means to go to the hospital now hence why I am here. I believe I caught an infection last year. I urinate a lot, like a lot! I urinate like five times in less than an hour. And when I am done I feel like there's more remaining but I can't get it out while I still feel a weight in my bladder. I get some pains while peeing also. I took Ciprotab and it didn't work. During Ramadan I called a distant relative who is a doctor and described my ailment to him. he prescribed Augmentin, Flucamed and another drug that I can't remember the name, but that specific last one has some side effect such as feeling nauseous and dizzy. Anways, i finished my dosage and I felt okay for a day. But after that the constant urinating continued without the pains. I am so fed up of it. It is getting in my way as a student. I can't go out to read at night because I'll keep going back to the hostel to pee. I can't stay still in classes, it's really affecting. I just want to know if there's another drug that will help my situation.


Bilkisu salisu May 16, 09:59 AM
as a health personel , I advise you to go for tests , because polyuria and dysuria are all signs of UTIs , STIs , bladder inflammation or other serious conditions like kidney stones, so I’d advise you to just try and perform a urine test or so .
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Anon Lady May 18, 09:25 AM
male or female! you need to see a Urologist period!
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