I need professional help for my mental health, any recommendation?
Anonymous Sep 18, 06:59 PM

I need professional help for my mental health, any recommendation? 1

assalam alaikum hope you all are doing well Please dan Allah I need help...Dan Allah I'm looking for a certified mental health therapist or psychologist that can help me fisabilillahi to overcome what am going through! I'm really suffering from depression although I visited hospital...they placed me on some drugs...to me I think all I need is psychotherapy rather than drugs... please help me...I loose focus completely 😭 other members ku tayani da addu'a da bakin ku masu albarka Allah ya yaye min ya kawo min sauki... thank you all


Habeebarty Sep 18, 08:16 PM
Allah ya yaye miki/maka Allah ya baki/baka lapia try to do something that will keep you busy and don't be alone be with people that make you happy may Allah Grant you quick recovery
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Nameerah20 Sep 19, 08:16 AM
Allah ya jawo miki sauki.check out the northern therapist on ig.
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Anonymous #1 Sep 19, 07:17 PM
ki dage da addu'a, sallan dare, istigfar and tasbih, most importantly normalize reading Quran and try not to seat alone in sha Allah you will recover from depression thats what helped me 5 months back
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Anonymous Sep 19, 09:11 PM

ok thank you so much Inshaa Allah i will check out
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Ibrahim 1 Sep 20, 02:15 AM
look for happiness
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Ibrahim 1 Sep 21, 01:15 PM

trust me if you do that...u will over come it
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Bnana kaila Sep 21, 08:37 PM
I think the solution for depression is prayer and avoid bad situations, look for someone that can make you smile anytime, happy always
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Anonymous #2 Sep 27, 08:11 PM
Dear poster let's talk I will be able to help insha Allah
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