Miji na baya saduwa da ni? should i do this?
Anonymous Jun 10, 08:36 PM

Miji na baya saduwa da ni? should i do this? 3

Miji na yayi aure tun April this year since then he doesn't even touch me sexually idan ma ya zo gida na kwana se dai kawai muyi bacci mu tashi kuma on the same bed ni kuma abin ya ishe ni because i have my desires i once tried to start the act but he pushed me away wai ya gaji. it really hurt me and i felt unwanted. yanzu ban san me zanyi ba i started watching porn and masturbation to satisfy myself but i stopped after realizing its haram and i have a husband. i told my close friend about this, i can't discuss it with anyone in my family i feel very shy. so she advice me to drug my husband in a drink at night and i can get on him and do what i want, she even said she can help me get a powerful drug for that so yanzu i am confused, is this right? i don't have any choice and i don't wanna fall into sin tsakani da Allah. please i want to hear your suggestions/opinions.


Ameerah Jun 10, 10:00 PM
My suggestion is don't use drug or do anything against Allah's will. Call him and talk to him ask him if you did something wrong to him. Ask him of he love you. Apologies even if you're not at fault. Tell him you're his wife and you need him. If he's not interested then yasan nayi
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Deejangala Jun 11, 09:44 AM
Maganan drugging bai taso ba gaskiya, you don't even know why he's acting this way, zaki iya drugging nashi to satisfy yourself and he'll probably hate you after regaining consciousness, rather talk to him, ask him why he doesn't fulfill his obligations, mention the fitnah you might fall into if he doesn't, make him understand you and see if he's willing to change. Ina dai daman auren soyayya kukayi, marriage is all about communication and understanding. It's too early ki kai qara gida gaskiya and i'll advice you to stop sharing your marital secrets with friends.
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Tariq_x Jun 11, 03:42 PM
I don’t think that’s a good idea, what makes you think your husband will have an erection if his drugged? Don’t be shy report him to the elders or his best friend, if you have an elder sis whose married tell to tell her husband they will know how to tell your husband
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Sa'ada Jun 11, 05:10 PM
Next time he comes wear a sexy night wear cook his fav food kisai humra da arabian perfumes masu qamshi make sure your home is tidy + qamshi then calmly ask him if you've done anything wrong? Apologise to him and In Shaa ALLAH everything will be OK
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Danilo Jun 11, 06:45 PM
Ya allah ka ganar da wnn bawan Allah ya dawo saduwa dake edan kuma rabuwa che Alkhairii allah ya kawota da gaggawa
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Danilo Jun 11, 06:46 PM
sbd rashin saduwa da mace mugun masifa neh kada ma yasa ta dinga raya abu a ranta har ta fara neman wasu maxan Allah ya kiyaye yayata Allah ya kawo saukii
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Haydar S Hussaen Jun 11, 08:31 PM
Allah faturdake yar ruwa Sannan ya kara miki juriya, shikuma Allah ya ganar dashi ya gane tarin zunubin da yake dawainiya dashi
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Basmah Jun 12, 03:13 PM
I honestly think you need to sit down and have an honest conversation with him cuz this isn’t normal..I’m sorry to say this but there might be a higher possibility he’s Gay ( Astagfirullah) cuz that’s the only explanation..I’ve heard a couple of stories similar to this and guess what ? The husband was actually Gay..I’m sorry, I know this is not the kind of thing you need you to hear but Allāhu a’alam. Do pray over it..May Allah make it easy for you..Ameen
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Humayrer Jun 13, 11:45 AM
Sit him down,talk to him,he might probably have a reason why hez behaving dat way,drugging him will not solve d problem...ki nuna mishi mahimmaccin rashin saduwa dake and d problems it can cause
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Nasz Jun 21, 06:59 AM

What if his family doesn't knw and they forced to marry!!
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Bashir Kurfy Sep 19, 09:37 PM

A gay would hardly get another wife. Perhaps magic/sorcery is involved. Like many guys have said, first talk to him about it, if he fails to change, report him to his elders.
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Anonymous #1 Dec 6, 01:11 AM
She's not a good friend, shari'ah has provided a way out for every problem, amma ta rasa shawaran da zata baki sai wannan?!! Is she okayy?!
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Anonymous #1 Dec 6, 01:19 AM

Abunda nake tunani kenan, maybe an cireki aranshi, so sai ya rinqa jin bai buqatanki sai ita kadai. I know wanda ya qauracewa matar for a year da yayi aure, wannan ko shimfida baison hadawa da ita, sai ya kwanta a sitting room ita tana daaki, sai da akafi shekara a haka. Sai daga baya da addu'a tukunna abun ya karye. Ki dauke shi as challenge na marriage kiyi haquri, amma in kuna da tsananin buqatan da har zai kaiki ga barna, toh kiyi raising issue din a raba auren, cuz in Islam this is one of the most genuine reasons to seek for a divorce. Kuma Allah zai baki wani wanda ya fishi tunda he knows your situation.
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Auwal Kokara Dec 24, 06:56 AM

i really buy your idea sister this is a good strategy try it it will work insha Allah,but dont open the door of masturbation and watching bf once you become addicted to this act wallahi you can not stop your self even if you want to
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Anonymous #2 Mar 12, 12:24 PM

Salam sister, I'm so sorry you had to go through this,but if it started after he got married amma a da kafjn yayi auren lfy kalau kuke. 1 try taking to him,if it works alhamdulillah problem solved if it doesn't if you have an elder sister or aunt that you're close to please let them know,it's possible that anbi wani hanya ne to stop him from performing his marital duties with you cos tsakani da Allah nowadays mata ba Allah a ransu. 2. If you can ki nemi ayatusshifaa and recite a ruwa ina bashi yana sha and pray alot,ko da ma the first one worked,ki dinga using ayatushifaa for yourself,husband n kids. May Allah make it easy for you.
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Anonymous #3 Oct 10, 01:59 AM
You made a wise decision by stopping the maturation and porn. But you don't have to drug him. The thing here is you talk to him, you couples should tackle this, solve the problem within you if there is any.. But if this persist, then you take legal action upon him because its totally haram to deprive your partner from his/her sexual desires.
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Fatima A A Oct 13, 10:47 PM

some ppl Marry to avoid societal talks or his family wanted him to marry, but we don't pray for bad thing, Allah yasa ba hakan bane, Allah ya shirya ku
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Golden Oct 20, 12:10 AM
my suggestion here is since is ur husband try to talk to him…if is not ready to amend his mistakes honestly u have to tell ur mother i think that is the best way out if not u re inviting trouble to ur self honesty bcos sheitan is more than u think may God come to ur rescue
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Abdulmajeed A Oct 20, 03:56 PM
Na'eem Oct 29, 07:21 PM
drug him with strong aphrodisiac
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Adan Oct 30, 09:46 AM
do u know why he always say he's tired. sorry to say buh maybe he's a womanixer he uses other women outside. Just keep praying nd study urself wat u do dat he doesn't gives u chance
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Abdulyaks Oct 12, 09:18 AM
sex is not something you do using drugs, call his attention talk to him as husband and wife pray over it you will be fine.
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