another pregnancy before a year after c s
Anonymous Sep 14, 12:38 AM

another pregnancy before a year after c s 0

kanwata tana da ciki kuma c s aka mata na first child dinta kuma koh year yarinyar bata kaiba bt mijin yace tayi hkr ta barshi. bt she dont koh dan lfyarta da ta first child dinta. bt she dont know wt to do now


AnDex_Blaq Sep 14, 01:52 AM
Seek proper medical counseling at a hospital, that would be the best solution.
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Maryam Alkali Sep 14, 08:24 AM

You really need to seek medical attention too ...
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AnDex_Blaq Sep 14, 08:25 AM

Sorry, I don’t get you.
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Musa Abdullahi Sep 14, 09:28 AM
seek medical advice, i know someone that had first child through cs, but the second was normal delivery, it might not be as bad as you think
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