Is what i am planning to do bad?
Anonymous May 28, 10:14 AM

Is what i am planning to do bad? 0

i am 27 yr old male recently i am having pressure from family to get married and i am not interested in it but i have a lot of sexual urge many times i almost commit zina but Alhamdulillah. i know sooner or later i will have to commit the sin because i dont know for how long i can hold it. i am not interested in having a wife right now. my family has arranged someone for me but this is my plan. i want to marry her to have sex and after a while i will divorce her. is it wrong to do this? i don't know what to do or if there is anyway in islam to have sex halal way someone please suggest to me. i read you can do it with slaves but now a days there is no slavery. please advice me. Thank You.


Ahmadlamin08 May 31, 09:23 PM
Please pray more Zakaga Allah ya kawo ma wadda kakeso seka aureta dan soyayya
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Bng May 31, 01:36 PM
I wanted to ask if you are insane, amma for the sake of ramadan. How about you ask yourself will you mind if someone did this to your daughter? Or will you mind if this happened to your sister? And why dont you want to get married? What’s your reason? So you want pleasure without responsibilities abi?? Why you so selfish, why you letting shaytan play with your iman so much?? Subhanallah this duniyah is nothing wallahi, take care of your iman
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Ibrahim² @King_Rhombooz May 30, 03:56 PM
It's even worse than Zina because you have cheated on her but Allah can forgive you for Committing Zina but Only the person cheated can forgive it. And it's not that easy to forgive because you've cheated her forever and no one can erase such pain. It's not the matter of readiness it's the matter of do it for the sake of Allah SET or find other girl like you that is not ready to marry but pressured so that both of you can have agreement. Then later you'll all find your ways
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IamHamid May 29, 12:30 PM
it is bad but not as bad as Zina so if u r left with no choice it's better u do it because it carries less weight than Zina.
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Safiyah Ahmad May 29, 08:15 AM
it is very bad and selfish. would you like a girl to marry you just for financial again and leave you after she get what she wants? No! right? so please don't do it.
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Hafsatou May 28, 06:45 PM
Yes it's bad, have a heart why will you do to someone what you wouldn't want to be done to you soboda san zuciya.
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