Beware of giving out your contact.
Anonymous Nov 24, 07:43 AM

Beware of giving out your contact. 4

A very good morning to all.I noticed people ask for your contact in the comment section,i made that mistake once .Initially i tot only registered and verified account use the forum,unbeknownst to me its open to the general public. if you must share your contacts pls share ur email amd communicate there before giving out your phone number,at least spend 3 days communicating via mail.


Jibril saeed Nov 24, 08:18 AM
buy why
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Arewa Up Nov 24, 09:26 AM
This Forum is a public space, only the matchmaking sections have a verification filter. The purpose of the forum is for discussions, seeking advice or asking questions. This Forum is not meant for meeting up people
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Anonymous Nov 24, 09:55 AM
they are mostly here for catching cruise.i call them the ccc catching cruise crew
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Anonymous #2 Nov 24, 10:03 AM
Anonymous Nov 24, 12:27 PM
Anonymous #2 Nov 24, 12:52 PM
i mean it. trust me.
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Adan Nov 25, 05:50 PM
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