problem of age gap
Anonymous Sep 16, 11:08 AM

problem of age gap 0

I noticed most of the females on this platform are somehow older than the males counterparts which I think is a major obstacle in getting a partner on this platform.. because most of the females do not want to go into a relationship with a man far younger than them, they feel they won't get along because of the age gap and so they prefer a man mostly around their age.


Mimie Sep 16, 11:22 AM
I gat you Buh me I'm not up to twenty
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Anonymous Sep 16, 12:01 PM
Mimie Sep 16, 12:11 PM

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Anonymous #1 Sep 16, 12:30 PM
most females don’t want to get into a relationship with a guy younger than them because of stigmatisation in the society/family. the whole point of a relationship is to like each other well enough to get married. we don’t want to invest our heart and time on someone and later on ace gida an hana or you let the society convince you otherwise. As they say, prevention is better than cure.
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Anonymous #2 Sep 16, 12:31 PM
Fateemah Ahmad Alkalee Sep 16, 01:05 PM

will be clocking 20 soon🤭💃
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Mimie Sep 16, 01:34 PM

Aiit 😍
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Mimie Sep 16, 01:35 PM
Anonymous Sep 16, 01:44 PM

let's hook up, drop ur contact
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Anonymous Sep 16, 01:45 PM

do me the honor of knowing u, give me ur contact
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Anonymous Sep 16, 02:12 PM

u can delete it nw
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Zainab Jingi Sep 16, 10:22 PM
and most of the Men request for younger females
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Boubar Sep 17, 08:30 AM
35 - 40 men are also here, like myself . Maybe not many.
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Mimiiy Sep 17, 01:26 PM

same here😅 nov nd you
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Anonymous #3 Sep 17, 05:17 PM

nd mayb dey want ladies from 18-22 while we dat r more Dan dat, how did dey want us to do
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Boubar Sep 17, 05:26 PM

Not necessarily. Men in their forties mostly go for ladies of 25 -30
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Anonymous #3 Sep 17, 05:33 PM

I partially agree with you, buh not totally
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Boubar Sep 17, 05:36 PM

Okay. I understand. It all depends on perspective and environment which affect our perception of things.
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Hafsat mustapha Sep 17, 05:37 PM
Anonymous #5 Sep 18, 06:46 PM

Are you sure?
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Hafsah Tahir Sep 19, 10:44 PM
To me age is just a number
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Uncletee Sep 23, 06:28 PM

yeah.. wllh i dated a lady that was older than me and she was d best relationship i had
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Fateemah Ahmad Alkalee Oct 16, 09:49 PM

🥰Aiit be happy my dear
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Anonymous #4 Oct 16, 09:53 PM

September 😅
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Anonymous Oct 16, 10:05 PM

type it
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Anonymous Oct 17, 11:02 AM

u can delete it now
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Ibrahim abdullahi Oct 17, 12:30 PM
honestly I like dating a woman who's in a lot older than me...who we can help each other
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