Men, what is your experience regarding your partner going for medical check up.
Anonymous Feb 11, 06:51 PM

Men, what is your experience regarding your partner going for medical check up. 1

So I'm a guy who can be moderately jealous. My partner has a certain health issue . She normally goes for check up. So I'm kind of worried about her and also curious about what the check up might be like. I trust her but my issue here is the knowledge of another man with her . I know he's got to be a professional but still . Am I the only one who is having such issues ? If I ask her directly she'll definitely know where I'm heading to and I can't handle the taunting. Sometimes I subtly ask what test did he recommend then head to Google and check what it entails 😆.


Anonymous #1 Feb 11, 08:33 PM
Awwwwnnnnn 💃but she's really Lucky to have u wllh but don't be suspicious of her just have trust on her
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Anonymous Feb 12, 12:07 AM
Anonymous #2 Feb 15, 10:14 PM
I don't know what you mean by partner, If she's your wife you can go together
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