should i continue to chase her or just go?
Anonymous Nov 24, 07:01 PM

should i continue to chase her or just go? 0

Hello please mutanen gidan nan I need your advice. There is a girl I love so much, but I refuse to tell her because I thought she was too young. I waited till she finished her secondary school, when she started her undergraduate program, then I told her what is in my mind. But to my suprise she told me that she is with someone already. After investigating, I found out that it is true but the person is yet to reach out to her parents. Please should I continue trying to win heart, or I should just leave her. Amma fa ina so ta sosai


N F Nov 24, 08:03 PM
Tell her and show her you serious and want to meet her parents.
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Anonymous Nov 24, 08:21 PM

Ok thank you for the advice.
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Mustapha jnr Nov 24, 09:35 PM
don't force it bro, if she is not into it then mahakurci mawadaci, but don't force her koh kadan..
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Fadeelahhh Nov 24, 10:30 PM
just like the other guy said show her how serious you are in short, try to win her but idan ta nuna bata so sai ka barta kawai, banda naaci amman
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Anonymous Nov 24, 10:38 PM

I understand, please give me some clues on how to win her, as a lady na san kin sani
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Abdulwaliyyu Nov 24, 10:55 PM
of course if you truly like her but know when to stop
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MMUSMAN Nov 25, 06:27 AM
as for me if a lady told me she has someone she is meeting I will just take her as my friend
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Jamil Jibrin Nov 25, 10:09 AM
please just clam down and allow her u can make her ur friend change her gradually
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Mustapha Ibrahim Nov 25, 02:51 PM
Just move on and save yourself from heartbreak
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Fadeelahhh Nov 25, 06:12 PM

Kayi spending more time with her, calls or chats or kaje gaida ita then try noticing how she behaves with you dayake wasu lokaci mata akwai jan aji so perhaps kilan haka ne
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Anonymous #1 Nov 26, 01:28 PM
Find someone else, theyā€™re so many women out there, especially at the Uni. What school does she go to? And how old is she? And how old are you?
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