i was in a abusive marriage
Anonymous Sep 12, 10:23 PM

i was in a abusive marriage 0

as Salamu alaikum I was married for 10months an sha wahala sosai kafun Allah ya kawo karshen auren,I don't want to stay long a gida amma ina tsoron Kar na shiga halin da na shiga last even though na yadda wannan aure Allah Ya kaddaro sa shiyasa akayi shi Har ya kawo karshensa amma sai mutane suna cemin Kar na yadda nayi aure yanxu na Bari na gama jami'a na sai gaba tunda ban ji dadin wannan ba kuma ni yarinya ce karama amma ni kuma bana son zaman gidan Babu aure ina kuma tsoron farà maganan auren ace dama an bani shawaran Bari ku tayani addua Allah zaba mana abunda yafi zama alkhairi da kuma shawari


AnDex_Blaq Sep 12, 10:31 PM
Sorry about what you passed through, it is very heartbreaking to see some men abusing their wife who was given to him as trust, I am sorry. Moving forward, you have to evaluate your life right now and choose the best path for yourself. Your decision to continue your education and pursue your goals is commendable, and you should continue to do what’s best for you. You can also choose to marry but make sure you do enough background checks on the person to avoid repeating the past. Make lots of duas, pray nawafils alot, seek to be more closer to Allah and I hope things improve for you and I pray for the best for you.
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Ahmad Aysha Sep 12, 10:48 PM
Subhanallah, sorry for that dear, You can proceed with your education and take your time to heal, and at the same time education can not stop you from remarrying again because men are not all the same, I believe the right man will come, And most importantly be prayerful and be consistent in morning and evening azkhars inn shaa Allah u will be fine.
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Excuser Sep 13, 02:51 AM
whatever you do just don’t rush into it. take your time and most importantly don’t ignore the red flags 🚩 sauran kuma sai Du’ah’i wic we all kno kinayi kullun
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