How can i slim down my body?
Anonymous May 22, 11:24 PM

How can i slim down my body? 1

Dan Allah duk wanda zeiya min recommending abun da zansha ne saurin ramewa dan Allah yatemaka nafara diet but inaneman abunda zesa yanamin aiki dasauri any suggestions please and please dan Girman manzan Allah SAW


Muhammad Musa Muhammad May 23, 12:04 AM
fasting Monday and Thursday squad ×10 press-up ×10 if possible 30 jumping jacks 1 minute a rage cin Mai
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Anonymous #2 May 23, 06:50 AM
mu muna neman mu qara kibar ke kena ragewa😂🤣 aaah this life no balance😂
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MsDiyajo May 23, 07:58 AM
my dear you have to realize that your metabolism is important…. kina iya hun dieting and exercise and everything but your weight may not even reduce or zakiga kina karuwa instead… if you have any preexisting hormonal issues gara kiyi tackling dinshi first idan baki dashi and you’re only plagued with ulcer shima you need to be vigilant about what you eat you also need to be very patient… koda kinayi you need patience and consistency to see results I am a lady who lost over 35kg Amma abin ba sauki… I’m currently at 145kg not at my ideal weight and I’m also not dieting or exercising as I used to because life happens but I’m telling you… you need to understand your body first and you also need to understand WHY you’re doing it… fruits and vegetables are literally your friend(but they are very expensive unless you can afford them then please by all means indulge in these foods)… make your salads fun and you’d enjoy eating them… I put everything I love in my salad like avocados and sausages (you can add any protein of your choice I just love sausages) you also need to drink lots of water and minimize your carbs intake you don’t have to take it out completely Allah ya bada sa’a but make sure to check in with your health and body first if not all your wahala will be a banza
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MsDiyajo May 23, 10:07 AM

hospital you should ask them for a PCOS test and Thyroid function test speak with your doctor he/she can recommend tests for you
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Datti May 23, 12:33 PM
eat healthy
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Anonymous #1 May 23, 12:55 PM
And also get addicted to VEGETABLES
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Anonymous #3 May 23, 01:58 PM
this life no balance at all.. see me slim like stick I wouldn't mind some fat 😅
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Nanamimi May 23, 06:00 PM
Be skipping dinner.
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Anonymous May 23, 07:11 PM
Dr A A May 24, 02:00 PM
exercise ur body change ur lifestyle (meet Your physiotherapist for expert advice 😑)
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Anonymous May 24, 02:02 PM

Dan Allah yanakai wa nawa Amma kudin test din natambaya naji anfadomin almost 30k
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