I have fallen for someone and its crazy, is this love?
Anonymous Mar 16, 10:37 PM

I have fallen for someone and its crazy, is this love? 1

guys I cannot withhold my emotions any more, I feel like I should hear an advise from someone, there is this guy, he's a twin, he's cute, admirable, loving, and most of all kinda and very religious, he said he likes me, and I told him I like him too. I feel like we should get married right away, not because I am eager but because I feel that's the right thing to do, we met in UBA bank, OMG, he's my account officer but nevertheless that's not the problem. I am feeling someone to tell him to come see my dad, I don't want him to feel like I am eager or desperate or you know kamar na rasa dinna, I want to be his halal wife and also he to be my halal husband, I wanna have kids with him, (excuse my honesty and transparency), I am ready to sacrifice my career as a working class lady and work from home(i cannot stat without doing nothing,). there is another problem, I am more financially stable than him and I think he isn't comfortable(even though he's not showing it) with that. I need advise, I don't care, I am ready to help him out, get him on his feet, but I need to be sure he mine and he's sincere and genuine. all I want is true and genuine love. awwn my hussy


Abubakar Usman Mar 16, 10:41 PM
Asslm. you don’t need and advise all you need is to work towards building the relationship with a positive mindset and prayer… the moment you start seeking for advise you maybe misled… I don’t see any serious issues with your present relationship. may all see you through.
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Anonymous #2 Mar 16, 10:48 PM
su hussy manya….awwwwwnnn
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Anonymous #1 Mar 16, 11:00 PM
Gaskiya mata suna da matsala, even from other similar posts i have seen on this Forum Anyway. I wish you and hussy all the best and a successful relationship together.
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Tijjani Muhammad Mar 16, 11:57 PM
build your relationship first understand eachother before you make any move, Allah ya sa kufa himta juna
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Adan Mar 17, 04:56 AM
d "awwn my hussy" got me 🥳🥳. Just be open to him if u really care and trust him. I bet guys likes that a lot
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Yamma Mar 17, 06:54 AM
sister I'll advise you to calm down. gaggawa aikin shaidan. calm down and don't be eager. pray about it, do your istikhara and get to understand each other before rushing into something you may come to regret later.
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Yamma Mar 17, 06:56 AM
Also, don't be so eager to support a man financially. He's a man for a reason so allow him to be one. most men end up feeling emasculated when the lady takes the wheels. so allow him to work with what he has and express appreciation when he provides what he is able to. Don't overdo more than him with respect to financial gifts or purchases. Be humble and appreciative. But please don't rush to help a man financially, you'll only cripple his potential and efforts.
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Anonymous #1 Mar 17, 09:02 AM

But still abun naku yayi yawa, kullun bakuda wani abu a gaban ku se relationship, da love?
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Naseeba Mar 17, 11:11 AM

that's all what we want to be show love and care that it's
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Rukaiya Muhammad Mar 17, 12:03 PM
sis the commenters have said alot gaskiya but will still add.makesure if you love, you love for Allah's sake not the kyau ko body stature.also kidage da adduar zabin Allah. issue of supporting him,or something is not really the issue just prayers first and also tell mum to asist you da addua kwarai.zabin Allah is always the best.
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Anonymous #3 Mar 17, 04:21 PM
slow n steady , do ur prayers if he is the right person things will naturally fall in place, don’t b too fast okay na love Dey do u like that
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Ramatu salihu Mar 17, 05:55 PM
in alkhairi ne Allah ya Baki saa but in ba alkhairi Allah should give you the best
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Naziru Yakubu Badarawa Mar 17, 09:39 PM
Pray For the best inda Alkhairy Allah ya tabbatar
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MuhammadS Mar 19, 11:09 AM
wai husaini ne hussy tab 😂
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