Arewa Up Nov 24, 09:39 AM

Announcement 4

Hello, those in the matchmaking section. We have received a number of complains recently, some even posted on this Forum. What you are suppose to do if you have any negative encounter is to report the account. Most of you that have made those complains did not report the person, there is a report button on each profile. or rather you can screenshot the profile of the person and send us on whatsApp (08117424935) with the complains. please comply then we will take necessary actions. There have been quite a lot of marriages that have occurred from this platform so to keep the platform conducive we need your cooperation and the first thing is for you to report any suspicious activity or negative encounter to us. and for those who register casually for leisure or for some other motives, if you are caught it will not be funny. We have published a lot of your types in the past, if you are not ready for Marriage kindly deactivate your account, any person found suspicious will have himself published and we have made several examples already.


Anonymous #1 Nov 24, 10:55 AM
kuyi masa terere dan Allah with his pictures
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Anonymous #2 Nov 24, 11:10 AM
moreover if u are not interested in that person you have to make it clear for the person so that he or she will know his next moves ,we that we register this app to get a partner please if u don’t want us to continue please make it clear to me
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Truelove Nov 24, 09:24 PM
Ayshatu muhammad Abdullahi Nov 26, 11:30 AM
🤣🤣baraku kace mutum bah wlh
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Amak Nov 26, 07:24 PM

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