Is this called jealousy or love?
Anonymous Nov 22, 06:47 PM

Is this called jealousy or love? 1

I had a boyfriend who always try to prove all his possible best to show me how much he really loves me, I trust him and love him with everything,but the only concern I’m having about him is, he didn’t want to see me with any man except him,maybe chatting or joking with them,it is not allowed 🚫 I ’m not allow to give out my numbers to any male friends either old/new friend,he will said I’m flirting with them 😪and our relationship is just two years now,pls is dis love or jealousy???


Bnana kaila Nov 22, 08:12 PM
hmmm it depends on how you treated your relationship between you guys. To be honest if your relationship has not reached to the of marriage arrangement please just forget about it good two years and he is still jealous of you. that’s how you keep on dragging the relationship to the extent you start seeing him with another lady
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Anonymous #2 Nov 23, 04:18 AM
Let reverse be the case, how’d you feel if he did the same thing? If his intentions are for marriage then I don’t think it’s a big deal. He loved you and he’s jealous, it’s normal. You should be glad he cared and was jealous.
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Zainab0110 Nov 23, 06:07 AM
A man who truly loves u will be jealous, just try to be more open and have a conversation with him about the whole thing. He will understand you surely. pls don’t throw away a beautiful relationship of two years because of issue u both can resolve.
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Anonymous #1 Nov 23, 08:10 PM
poster you’ve been with someone for good 2 years, how serious is he with you? has he come to meet your parents? what’s stopping him from marrying you? if there’s no tangible reason pls don’t allow your boyfriend to stop you from meeting your husband
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