if a guy say this to a lady
Anonymous Nov 8, 07:34 AM

if a guy say this to a lady 0

I have told you times without number that I am not in a rush in any of my steps, if Allah has it with time it shall come to pass need advice


Fadeelahhh Nov 8, 09:46 AM
Wallahi maza kuji tsoron Allah, what is this feesabilillahi
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Anonymous #1 Nov 8, 12:18 PM

not only maza Harda mata kowa yaji tsoran Allah
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Anonymous #2 Nov 8, 01:05 PM
akwai wani jaki wlhi, we were talking fahh kuma wlhii na yaba da hankalinsa har yace yana sona nima ina sonsa, sai dana tambayesa menene definition din alaqar mu sai yace wai just friends 😂😂😂 nace kuttt wlhiiii ya bani haushi, kawai sai na nade tabarmar kunyan.
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Anonymous #3 Nov 8, 04:40 PM

ahh toh...komai maza ne kadai ke yi, matan ma sunfi yi ai
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Anonymous #3 Nov 8, 04:43 PM

hakanan kawai kince ma mutum jaki dan ya gaya miki gaskiya, inda ya cigaba da tafiya da ke a matsayin friend sai daga baya kika gane sai ki ce mai me kuma?
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Anonymous #5 Nov 8, 09:10 PM
Well he is just being honest with you,if Allah so will u will be his wife
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Al-ameen Abdullah Nov 8, 11:48 PM
komai yiin Allah ne
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Anonymous #4 Nov 9, 06:35 AM

What did he do wrong? he told her his mind
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Anonymous #3 Nov 9, 12:04 PM

toh meyasa zaki kira shi da jaki?
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Anonymous #6 Nov 9, 12:30 PM
Ladies always want to have it their ways.. You actually don't know what a lot of guys are going through. Kinka sani ko bayada abun aure a lokacin da ke kike so?? Why is everyone dragging the guy? I've been in dis situation, my gf always pressuring me nazo ayi tambaya while am still building my house ban qarasa ba.. She's just eager a saka aure January while i don't have d means for that. I keep telling her to b patient but it seems like she doesn't understand even as i severally explained things to her.. It got to a point that i told her to get married to someone kawai for my peace.. But still she doesn't wanna go. I think my advice for you is that.. Have a deep conversation with him.. Ask him about his plans.. If you're cool with d plans yu wait.. If otherwise, you can move on... But rushing someone in to marriage.. Sai anzo baiyi abubuwa to your taste ba kuma azo ana zagin sa is not cool... Aure is a responsibility...by d way
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Abubakar Usman Nov 10, 08:11 PM
his simply not into you or his not ready for serious commitment
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Anonymous #3 Nov 11, 12:16 PM

rabu ita abeg...bata san me takeyi bane wannan
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Anonymous #4 Nov 11, 05:48 PM

hhaha, i can smell you are a Guy, but let her answer first.
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Anonymous #7 Nov 12, 12:44 PM
alamar he is still doubting the rship a hausance
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Sani muhammed Nov 12, 01:29 PM
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Anonymous #3 Nov 12, 07:07 PM

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