there are few truths in life so you know one when you see one.!
Excuser Sep 17, 11:08 AM

there are few truths in life so you know one when you see one.! 0

I can’t really explain it I don’t know how to start but facts are facts How do you know he’s the right guy! When he is not with you he can’t breathe when you’re away he doesn’t do well without you he can’t breathe good he’s not the same he calls and checks on you he wonders about your whereabouts not in a controlling way he just like wants to be in touch when you get that guy, that’s him I know this because this is exactly how i felt when i was with my her ngl love is the best thing tat could ever happen to a person


Maryam Alkali Sep 17, 11:21 AM
lol 😂..shey you no.go like start to dey write poem that's actually true but some people that be so obsessive and controlling and dey will think is love and it's not oo
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Xara Sep 18, 10:21 AM

you've now gotten two 😂
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