My Opinion on Courtship
Abubakar Usman May 25, 03:37 PM

My Opinion on Courtship 2

Assalamu alaikum ya a'hibbayi I hope and pray everyone on this platform and beyond are all doing fine Alhamdulillah. There are a lot of unserious people with unpure emotional intentions when it comes to marriage this days, this maybe due to the window given by social media for both genders to scaout and preview multiple potential persons as options for courtship. that had led the few serious ones to either have negative thought when starting a new courtship or be in a defend mode, especially for our sisters. such negative thoughts had made most courtships uncomfortable and unserious. At this point, I can only talk to my fellow brothers because I don't know exactly what ladies are facing. I believe the most effective way to either marry to the lady you love is simply go straight to her parents Wallahi... YES! just go straight to her parents bro... with or without her consent (I prefer without her consent) nobody will beat you up for doing that and if you are accepted by both the lady and her parents, then wa'lillaahil hamd the courtship will become more serious, more respectful, more blessed, more enthusiastic, more fruitful, more fovarable and pounded yam will always remain more delicious 😋... on the other hand, if she's not interested in you, then your time and emotion is simply not wasted my brother. If you meet her parents they will call for her attention and ask her questions and set her mind straight to reality of life and not fantasies as some ladies do. then both parents can take their time and make a research on each others origin because most ladies can easily be influenced by friends or bad guys (same goes to guys too). see, we all need someone to tell us the truth about life, whom could be better than our beloved parents? May Almighty Allah with HIS infinite mercy guide and protect us, may Allah extend the life of our parents and may Allah lighten the grave of our deseased parents and Aljannatul Firdausi be their finally destination bi rahmatika ya arhamal rahimiin. Ameen 🙏 remain bless 🤗 ❤️ 😎


Naziru Yakubu Badarawa May 25, 04:37 PM
Ameen ya RABBIL Alamin jazakallah khairan Brother 🙏
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Ahjummaah May 25, 06:31 PM
This is so true wlh jazakallahu bi khair Allah ya bamu ikon ganewa
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MuhammadS May 25, 06:41 PM
thank you my brother this information is gold. But I have one concern when it comes to presenting yourself to her parents first. yes your first impression is a mature one but what if she doesn't really love you but decide to settle because her parents talked her into it?
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Abubakar Usman May 25, 07:06 PM

excellent question my brother, I don't really have the necessary life experience to fully answer your question and I hope someone within this platform will assist. however, when you marry and treat her the way a Muslim husband is supposed to treat his wife based on Islamic guidelines, especially when you love her for the sake of Allah, in sha Allah she will eventually genuinely love you more than you do to her. as Abu-Hurairrah RA, a female is like a rib (rib on your chest) when you bend it too much it will break, and when you leave it, it will remain bent. I hope that answers your questions to some extent bro 😊
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MuhammadS May 25, 10:29 PM

you had no issue with the intention to marry her ai Daman. that was what lead to the confidence to approach her superiors in the first place. the concern is what if she marry you to impress or rather obey her parents. I'm afraid there could be a lot of consequences to that
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Anonymous #1 May 26, 12:27 PM
Very impressive. May Allah reward you and bless you with all you want in this world and hereafter. Ameen
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Abubakar Usman May 26, 02:55 PM

Asslm Dan uwa, apologies for the late reply... I agree with you... but I think the best thing to do in such case is to take the marriage with good faith and allow Allah to take control. Barka da jummaa...
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Abubakar Usman May 26, 02:56 PM

amen ya rabbi thank you😊 may Allah be with you in all situations.
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