I have lied to my husband and i still don't want to tell him
Anonymous May 17, 12:12 PM

I have lied to my husband and i still don't want to tell him 1

I got married to my husband some months back and alhamdulillah we are living fine, but the problem is he has another wife and she hasn't given birth, she had five miscarriages and he really loves kids, ever since we got married every month I had my period he changes completely and it really disturb me we fight and alot of things, so it's been months now and am not pregnant so we decide I start to see a gyne. Everything is fine with both of us but no baby this man don't understand it's from God but depress me cause he already know his first wife have problem with her womb so am his hope, wallahi the pressure was getting too much on me but from him and his parents, so this month I was suppose to go see my doctor and he said everything is fine but my period delayed, wlhi I even start having does morning sickness and everything as if am pregnant, he to the hospital again and had a test but it's negative, the doctor knows everything about my life with my husband so he said I should not tell him anything since my period still didn't come I did that but that my keep saying am pregnant since it's weeks and no period and I told him I am. I keep praying may it be pregnancy but unfortunately I start my period yesterday. I don't know how to tell him am not pregnant. And he told both our families that am pregnant, I know him and what he can do if I tell him am not now wlhi zamu iya rabuwa, so I decide not to tell him if next month am not I will just tell him I had a miscarriage because if my family knows about my lies am done. Please help me with advice and if there's a gyne that is the platform should please help with what to do. I have to lie to safe my marriage


Anonymous #1 May 17, 01:13 PM
why is your husband desperate for child? Allah ne mai bayarwa, like we don't give this to ourselves. Poster I understand what you are going through but marriage is not a do or die affair one day he did find out you're not pregnant, my thoughts is just tell him u had a miscarriage don't tell him u lied to him it will create Drama amma if u make him believe it a miscarriage, he will definitely get angry but not as telling him ai karya ki ka mai. and ki cigaba da addua may Allah interfere in ur matter
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MuhammadS May 17, 02:15 PM
this is not fair wallahi
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Meenah2 May 17, 02:31 PM
I don't know y haryanzu mutane sun kasa gane cewa aure,haihuwa da mutuwa Allah ne keyinsu ba no matter how desperate u ar idan fa Allah Bai kawo lokacin ba bazasu taba faruwa ba I think s high tym we oll know dis 4 safety nd peace of mind
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Anonymous #3 May 17, 09:38 PM
sister it’s like you’ll have to stage a miscarriage oo.
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Anonymous #4 May 18, 12:46 AM
sai bayan qaryan sannan zaki nema shawara…ki jira zamu baki shawara
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Assertive girlfriend May 18, 09:53 AM
call the doctor and tell him you've started your period, sai ku hada baki ku fada wa mijin ki you are bleeding that you should go to the hospital. sai doctor en ya fada masa akan ai kinyi miscarriage .
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