advice pls
Anonymous Sep 12, 11:28 AM

advice pls 2

Am Confused To What I Should do... Am The Type that Loves & Care too Much. I know what i want in a Patner. so After years of Searching i meet this Girl that i come to like soo much She has Almost Anything That am Looking for Except for 1 Anger Issues 2 Trust issues. And because i love her I understand that I should make it Goal to Work on this things while we are dating before the time to marry. so Am doing my Best. She loves me soo much too. but then i have started seeing changes from the Way she treat me. i confronted her about it but she said its Nothing. so Few weeks back we Had A misunderstanding and as always she went on saying hurtful things. so as always i Ignore the massages to Avoid my self from Replying her when am Angry. i give it to days then i tryed calling her so that we sort things out. but she refused to pick after few days i tryed calling her Again but she refused to pick up this is about three weeks now. the mos annoying things is i was in an Accident nd she was informed by her friends but she Still didn't care to reach out.


Anonymous #1 Sep 12, 12:46 PM
Try ND still check with her ND confirm if she's still interested in u, if not I ll advise u to let her be, ND pray for d best, May Allah give us spouses that are the coolest of our eyes.
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Kifayat isah Sep 12, 12:49 PM
I think she is tired of the relationship why don't you give her space for some time she will reach out to u if she truly loves u as u say
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Anonymous Sep 12, 01:22 PM
what i really want to know is. if to reach her and Confirmed Or Let Her be
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Anonymous #1 Sep 12, 01:30 PM

I think to reach out will be better, any reaction u see will determine whether to continue or end it.
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Anonymous Sep 12, 02:18 PM
Fateemah Yusuf Sep 12, 02:39 PM
mayb she lost interest in you so definitely she doesn’t care anymore
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Anonymous #2 Sep 12, 07:45 PM

yes, since she knows you have tried to ammend things and she intentioanlly refused. Let her contact you next if anything or just move on with someone else. there many good ladies out there fa why waste your energy on someone that does not even think your worthy of reply or attention. just my thoughts. All the best
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Zain Sep 12, 08:03 PM
Anonymous Sep 12, 09:52 PM

thank you All for the Advice.
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Maryamamusa Sep 12, 11:16 PM
Trying hearing from her to know the reason why she's ignoring your calls. After that you can decide. May Allah make it easy for us all. Ameen
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Ahmadu20 Sep 13, 06:38 AM
you had an accident and she doesn't even show concern, wat other prove do u need. she is gone and you should move on
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Anonymous #3 Sep 15, 11:21 PM

07063861594 never ending love
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Eysher Sep 22, 06:00 PM
Ayyah 🥺
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