What's the big deal about Ramadan basket?
Anonymous Mar 18, 10:38 PM

What's the big deal about Ramadan basket? 0

I don't know when the tradition of handing out ramadan basket started but it seems most of our Muslim ladies particularly those in the north carry it on their head. What significance does it hold ? What's special about it ? My lover has been disturbing me to get one for her.


Nasir Ahmed Mar 19, 12:17 PM
please dont do it, its Bid'ah. it opens room for entitlement and men that do it have helped in making it a tradition in arewa and why cant arewa ladies do it for the us, why does it only have to be the men doung it?
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Anonymous #1 Mar 19, 02:08 PM
shirmen banza ne kawai
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Abubakar Usman Mar 19, 02:18 PM
Oga you dey look for trouble a wurin mata... is better you dont mention it otherwise you will just remind them... lol Allah yasa mudace
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Habeebarty Mar 20, 08:17 PM
kyautatawa ce is not necessary I don't see watz big deal in Ramadan basket I don't know why my gender take it as a big deal ladies am sorry am just saying my mind but for me with or without Ramadan basket am good to go i can't see why I most forced my man to give me wat he's not comfortable in
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