Abubakar Usman Feb 16, 10:08 AM

Valentine??? 1

Assalamu alaikum ya a'hibbayi Recently, there is a massive heart breaks AKA breakfast all over Arewa due to the so-called valentine. Dont get me wrong, Love is good, love is beautiful, love makes us strong and can make us weak , it also can make us happy or sad.. Islamic culture/way of living encourages love especially for the sake of Allah either to humans and/or to animals. however, an imitation of love so-called Valentine basically practiced by western countries culture is not in our culture and it is totally against Islamic teaching.. why? social media havemade it easier for both guys and ladies to have multiple option to choose when it comes to relationship, thereby, it made most guys and ladies to have more then one relationships, therefore, more heartbreaks... this is just like when you dont know which cloth to wear, it simply means you have plenty options of cloths. however, all Muslims especially the ladies out there should know it is only when a man (not boy) has brought gaisuwa to your family and your parents have granted him to court with you only for the sake of marriage, i repeat, for the SAKE OF MARRIAGE!!! then you can play a love prank on him... May Almighty Allah with HIS infinate mercy grant us a compatible spouse, whom we will give birth to rightious children whom will always put us in their prayers when we go back to Allah (death) Ammen!!!


Anonymous #1 Feb 16, 05:07 PM
ameen ya hayyu ya qayyum
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Asmau Ishaq Feb 16, 06:03 PM
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Zainaab Feb 16, 07:50 PM
Allah ya kyauta tau
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Habeebarty Feb 16, 08:39 PM
ameen ya hayyu ya qayyum
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Bashir Adamu Feb 17, 09:45 AM

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Nasiru Ali Feb 26, 06:42 AM

Allah ya kyauta
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