Things you will never understand till you meet your soulmate
Anonymous Feb 12, 05:56 PM

Things you will never understand till you meet your soulmate 2

There are people who have been broken and damaged almost beyond repair as a result of relationship heartbreak. When you meet such people and start talking to them about love they normally think you are delusional and there's nothing like love in this life. Soulmate is an imaginary word to them . Coming from someone who's suffered heartbreak in the most crucial way , I can tell you soulmate exists. The issue is you don't always meet your soulmate , sometimes you meet them after you are already married. I faced heartbreak in the most crucial manner, December 2013 I left home for higher institution with a promise to my girlfriend that we'll protect each other's heart till I'm back, I came back and met her inside the room of my friend. I gave up on love, for over 9 years I stayed off anything called relationship till I met my soulmate. The love was different, it came unexpected, I'm normally a stubborn person but when it comes to her I turn into a marshmallow. We are partners now for 3 years and whenever I receive a text from her, a glow ,and that charming subtle smile always formon my face, i still feel the butterfly I felt the first time I fell in love with her, nothing pleases concerning her like when I do to something to make her smile. Our relationship isn't just about I love you , we have our fights and we have our sad moments but we never let each other's hands go apart . No matter what you've been through don't give up on love . Trust me finding that true love is worth it all. I pray we all meet our soulmate.


Anonymous #1 Feb 12, 08:54 PM
masha Allah tha nice very nice it just make me blushing as if it was me I hope one day I will also find my soulmate too congratulations
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Anonymous #2 Feb 12, 09:54 PM
Ameen ya Allah
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Anonymous #3 Feb 13, 12:05 AM
Masha Allah,that’s very nice wallahi,May Allah keeps you together
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Anonymous #4 Feb 16, 08:43 AM
hmmmmm ga masu hope in soyaya bah Mu deh mun hakura
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Zainaab Feb 16, 07:48 PM
Masha Allah poster we are happy for you Allah ya barku tare wllh it’s makes me happy idan naga ana bada lbrn true love muma Allah ya bamu wanda zasu nuna mna soyayya muma mu nuna masu Amin ❤️
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Salma M Abdulkadir Feb 17, 09:10 AM
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Arafat Feb 17, 03:19 PM
Amin ya Allah
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