Should I get back with her after we separated?
Anonymous Dec 3, 09:15 PM

Should I get back with her after we separated? 1

There's this girl I was dating some fews ago to the extent that I want to do formal introduction, I caught her going on a date with her so called Ex, I confronted her with the issue and make sure with talked things out. I was ready let that slide. Fast track everything, in this mixed of everything she moved to another state then later called off the relationship. But we remain cool, we talk once a while advice each other and so on. So recently as we are having our normal chit chat "sada zumun ci" she asked if we can accept her back and possibly continue with my initial intention. These are some of the things running through my head; 1- this girl doesn't really love me, she's just coming back after not getting her fantasy man. 2- "Trust issues " with the trend of married woman still involving with their so called ex and besties after even being married after all the major problem we had during our relationship is her going on date with her Ex. 3- Posibilty of having numerous body counts, I know it won't sound well with many girls on this platform, but it really do matters a lot. Imagine after being celibate for all your life and ending up wayyazubillah


Habeebarty Dec 4, 12:25 AM
can you accept her back? some girls are like that maybe she truly love you now but when her fantasy man come back am sure she's going to leave you again
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Anonymous #1 Dec 4, 02:25 AM
Women who double date, triple date, crushing on guys, having romantic relationships with their exes, fake love, cheating etc are shameless and are a disgrace to Islam. And guys who are involved in this act are no better.
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Anonymous #2 Dec 4, 07:10 AM
I have said this on this platform and I will still keep saying this again. No friendship with the opposite gender this is a western ideology people took and are normalizing it. You talk to her only with the intention of marriage, if there’s none you stay far away from her and move on. You remaining cordial and speaking to her will make her assume you’re still interested in her. Fear Allah poster, cut all contacts and move on find someone with the same standards you have.
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Anonymous #3 Dec 4, 07:54 AM
don't go back to her you might regret
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Abubakar Usman Dec 4, 09:05 AM
Assalamu alaikum bro, whether a lady is good or not, as soon as you are suspecting her for one thing or another, it is better you let her go for the good of both of you. may Allah see you through.
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Anonymous #4 Dec 4, 09:50 AM
wheather she luvs u or not just find ur way, tun ynzun akwai suspicious a cikin mgnr nd bbu aure da zargi… in ba wani ikon Allah din bah if u continue with her haka zaku cigaba da zama da zargi koh bayan aure ne.
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Anonymous #5 Dec 6, 01:00 PM
The fact is she will never respect you as a man if you take her back. The fact is women actually subconsciously want to be punished for the wrong they have done and if they are not punished they feel you are weak and inadequate as a man. If you decide to take her back she may still love you and all but she will also definitely take you for granted forever.
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